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A Maid Right Home for the Holidays

A Maid Right Home for the Holidays

Even for those of us that finish our gift shopping by October, there always seems to be that one last-minute task that goes unaccounted for. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll remember to send that Christmas card to your great aunt upstate or to pick up crushed walnuts for the salad at your family dinner, we can guarantee that we’ll find that forgotten task to make your home sparkling clean.

Did you disinfect the bathrooms?

But did you remember to disinfect them? We’re all familiar with how to scrub a toilet and wipe down bathroom counters, but an intensive clean is best left to professionals. We have bathroom cleaning down to an art—and a science. The cleaning system we use is designed according to color—there’s no risk of contaminating other regions of your house with the same cleaning supplies used on your bathroom floors.

Did you clean every kitchen nook?

But did you sweep every nook and corner? It’s easy to miss a spot in a room with as many different surfaces as the kitchen. That’s why our cleaners work in teams. With additional sets of eyes, we scrutinize all those hard-to-reach places. Your kitchen will be fresh and clean—perfect for baking up some holiday joy.

Did you tidy up the bedrooms?

But did you use non-toxic products specifically formulated to be environmentally friendly? So many common household cleaners contain harmful chemicals that pose a risk to the health of your family members. Our commitment to your family’s health means we pay special attention to the products that we use. Green-seal products like our all-purpose peroxide are biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for every inch of your home.

Did you remove all the germs?

But did you fully protect your home from germs? While wiping down couches and tables with a disinfecting wipe is a great habit, our MR Shield releases electrostatically-charged particles that catch the germs that linger in your air and on other surfaces. It continues disinfecting for 48 hours, making it a great treatment right before your company’s arrival. As cold and flu season picks up, trust in the MR Shield, 99.99% effective at killing household germs, to protect your home.

Need a hand with holiday cleaning? A holiday cleaning by your local Maid Right will give you a home that you can trust will be completely spotless. Call (855) MAID-RIGHT today to book your cleaning.