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Tips For Staying Healthy This Summer

Tips For Staying Healthy This Summer

Summer 2021 is in full swing and it seems like everyone is excited for more long, warm days by the pool! While we tend to associate summer with a sense of relaxation, it is also important to be vigilant about staying healthy. Summer can be a season where people let down their guard when it comes to the cold and flu. Below are some of our best tips for staying healthy so that you can make the most of this summer!

Keep hand sanitizer on hand:

Regular hand sanitizer use is a great way to reduce the spread of sickness. With increasingly more people out and about, it is smart to sanitize your hands after touching any common surface such as door handles or light switches.

Prioritize hand washing:

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water throughout the day and before eating to help vastly reduce rates of illness and infection. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hands for about 30 seconds under warm water after lathering them with soap. This practice remains one of the most effective ways of preventing sickness and is a simple way to protect your health.

Sanitize surfaces around your home:

Surfaces such as sinks and countertops in your home can harbor bacteria and germs. Wipe these surfaces down with a sanitizing wipe at least once a day to prevent these unwelcome guests from contaminating food or spreading to other surfaces. Consider subscribing to regular sanitizing treatments with Maid Right’s MR Shield, which eliminates 99.99% of household germs, including those that cause the flu. MR Shield uses electrostatically-charged particles that wrap around hard-to-reach places and continues to disinfect surfaces for 48 hours.

Remain aware of your health:

Continue to monitor your health and possible symptoms of sickness you may have. If you feel the beginning of a cold or possible COVID-19 symptoms, avoid social interactions to prevent spreading sickness and visit the doctor or get tested if symptoms persist. The pandemic has taught us the importance of individual responsibility in preventing the spread of illness and keeping your community safe.

As you get your life back on track this summer, don’t worry about the cleaning. Get out and spend time doing the things you love while we provide eco-friendly, total home and routine cleaning services. We can continue to observe social distancing, wear PPE and provide FDA approved disinfection services that kill 99.9% of germs for your home, business, or office. Contact Maid Right today for your free consultation!