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Clear Your Plate this Thanksgiving

Clear Your Plate this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, food, and family—not stress cleaning. If you’re planning on having company, you’ve probably already spent a significant amount of time—if not a whole day—cleaning and prepping your home for visitors. While we can appreciate the efforts of a DIY approach, Maid Right is here to handle any cleaning task you may have before the big feast. In light of Thanksgiving, we’ve compiled a list of all the fun holiday activities you could be doing when you leave the cleaning to Maid Right.

Instead of Cleaning Bathrooms

Most homes in the U.S. have between two to four bathrooms. If it takes an hour to achieve a comprehensive, in-law-ready clean, that’s an average of three hours JUST spent cleaning the bathrooms in your home. For reference, the Macy’s day parade, the quintessential Thanksgiving tradition, also runs for three hours. Instead of spending your holiday time deep-cleaning your home’s bathrooms, make memories watching the parade with family and friends.

Instead of Dusting and Sweeping

Thanksgiving is the time to wow your guests with the size of the turkey on your table—not the size of the dustball under your kitchen cabinet. With hard-to-reach spots and challenging angles, it's easy to miss dirt and dust--that is, until midway through dinner when you look up at the ceiling fan and see a pile of dust waiting to fly off. Sweeping and dusting your home can be a time-consuming task, so instead of spending that hour kneeling and bending to reach accumulated dust, spend your time kneading and baking a delicious apple pie.

Instead of Prepping the Guest Bedroom

Having company over for Thanksgiving can be a challenge, especially if you have in-laws staying in a guest bedroom that only gets used twice a year. Rather than spending 45 minutes to get this space visitor-ready, you could be making creamy and delicious mashed potatoes. Instead of fluffing blankets and pillows, focus on fluffing the mashed potatoes for everyone to enjoy.

Instead of Vacuuming and Mopping

Leave cleaning your floors to Maid Right. In the 30 minutes it would take to complete this task, you could be mixing drinks and preparing hors d'oeuvres. With our cleaning services, you won’t need to choose between sparkling floors and sparkling cider. Stop slipping on bubbles as you mop and start sipping bubbly!

Need a hand with Thanksgiving cleaning? A Thanksgiving cleaning by your local Maid Right will give you a home (and kitchen) that you can truly be thankful for. Call (855) MAID-RIGHT today to book your cleaning.