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Get to Know Pricilla Yustinich, Maid Right Franchise Owner

“Being a Maid Right owner has given me the flexibility to spend time with my children at ball games, plays and school events. With four children in sports and school activities, it’s made a huge difference being able to be home when I need to be to take care of my children. A few years

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Phoenix Franchise Owner Enjoys Flexibility

Priscilla Yustinich, a 34-year old mother of four in North Phoenix, started a part-time franchise with Maid Right to get control of her schedule and to have a steady income. She wanted the freedom to do what she wanted to do with her kids. She started out by herself and has grown the business so

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Mother of Four Gains Financial Freedom Through Business Ownership

Although Maid Right, a leading residential cleaning company, has only been franchising for the past three years, it has proven itself a prime opportunity for franchisees. Grace Rhodes, a Maid Right unit franchisee based out of Roswell, Ga., started her own business with the growing brand in 2014 and has seen great success by exceeding

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Maid Right has a good model

“Maid Right has a good model. They provide the customers, customer service and they do all the billing so all I have to do is clean the customer’s house.” – Linda Fruster

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Maid Right has color coded cloths

“Maid Right has color coded cloths so I know the ones they use in the bathroom won’t be used on my kitchen counters. They show up on time and are very efficient. It’s so comforting to know that my daughter, Amelia, can play in a disinfected and safe environment.” – Karry Swann

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I’ve really enjoyed working with my husband

“I’ve really enjoyed working with my husband for the first time after over twenty years working separately in a high travel corporate executive role. Our strengths complement one another’s well. We also like to see people get their start as we help them open their own cleaning business. We feel like we are really changing

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Maid Right Executive Opportunities

Executive managed business Re-purpose your coaching, sales and marketing experiences Build the business quickly with recurring revenue streams Become part of a thriving global network with the fastest growing commercial cleaning franchise in the world Complete the form below for more information.

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