3 Cleaning Company Pro Tips for Your Summer Deep Cleaning

There’s nothing more inviting than a fresh, clean home in the summertime. The season makes for an excellent time to knock off some of the bigger projects on your list to make your home feel bright and spacious, so here are three cleaning tips straight from a professional cleaning company that will make your deep cleaning a snap.

1. Focus on Floors

The summer months put your floors through the wringer, as there’s a much higher chance of you or your family tracking sand, mud, water, and dirt into the house, so do what you can to help them out. Wash high-traffic areas more often and consider using doormats at all entrances. If you’re stuck cleaning up sand, simply sucking it up with a vacuum makes for the best choice.

2. Bathroom Mildew

Hot weather and excessive humidity make for prime mold and mildew conditions, so it’s up to you to kick these hazards to the curb by keeping your bathrooms well-ventilated. Wipe down showers, bathtubs, and walls with a microfiber cloth to increase your chances of combating mildew. Your best bet is always mitigation first, but keeping the area clean, especially with help from a professional, can make things much more manageable should the substances appear.

3. Pay Attention to Summer Specific Areas

Air conditioners, grills, patio furniture, and pool areas are all parts of your home that don’t see much action outside of the summer, so deep cleaning them at the onset of the season should be your top priority. Even if you did some light maintenance in spring to prepare, cleaning out air vents or burning off scraps from your grill is something many homeowners overlook.

Enjoy Your Summer and Outsource Your Clean

Even with these words of advice, the best pro tip is sometimes the one that just tells you to work with the pros outright. With that being said, Maid Right offers Green Seal-certified residential cleaning services that’ll help you carve out some extra time for yourself this summer. Schedule your free estimate with us today by calling (855) MAID-RIGHT!