Summer is an excellent time to fall in love with your home again, and there’s no better way to do that than with a staycation. It’s an opportunity to unwind while saving some money and forgoing stress. Here are three secrets to getting your home ready for the most relaxing staycation.

  1. Clean House

If you went on vacation, you’d expect the hotel or vacation home to be spotless. It’s part of what makes vacations relaxing: you don’t have to worry about cleaning your environment. 

There’s just one problem with staycations — you’re usually the one responsible for cleaning your home. But this is the perfect time to start your vacation early and call a professional cleaning service. Just make sure you do it before your staycation starts so you can unwind in a delightfully clean home.

  1. Check Off Your To-Do List

Pay your bills, organize your home, shop for groceries, and do anything else that would otherwise stress you out if you saw it out of the corner of your eye. You can rely on “out of sight, out of mind” when you’re on traditional vacation, but staycations can force you to face everyday life’s stressors. 

If you haven’t made a to-do list yet, make one that includes getting your entire home sparkling clean to keep your mind clear. Take care of all of it in advance so there’s nothing left to do but relax. 

  1. Create a Vacation Atmosphere

You’d be surprised how much difference fresh sheets, scented candles, and comfy blankets can make. If you usually enjoy a movie on the couch with some popcorn, opt for a nice charcuterie board instead. Skip the shower and go for a long, soothing lavender-scented bath. 

Transform the way you do even the most minor tasks by turning them into treat-yourself moments.

Start Your Summer Staycation with Professional Housekeeping Services

Do you need extra help with your pre-staycation house cleaning? Let us clock in so you can clock out! You can start your relaxation early with professional home cleaning services from Maid Right. Call 855-MAID-RIGHT today to schedule your free estimate.