There are many fun activities that almost anyone can enjoy and that won’t break the bank. While many of us may have enjoyed Covid-era opportunities to bake bread, read books, or reconnect with our household, we have also missed the times when we could grab dinners with friends or host gatherings at home. With life slowly picking up, here are some of the best affordable activities that you may have missed the most.


The movies can be a low cost activity that is accessible for a variety of ages. Many theaters may have discounted summer rates during certain times or days so it could be worth checking their websites. There is nothing that quite parallels going to the movies, and while we’ve loved being able to sit on our couch and scroll through Netflix, we’re thrilled to head back to theaters.


Perhaps in the course of this past year you’ve tried making a few new recipes. If you’re like us, you’ve also probably ordered Ubereats way, way too many times in your pajamas. With dine-in options opening back up, we’re excited to head back to restaurants and eat food served on actual plates. For a more budget friendly option, consider dining out for lunch rather than dinner. Not only are lunch options more affordable, but many restaurants may offer special deals.


Even if you don’t live in a big city, you probably have local galleries or museums that you could spend the day exploring. These immersive experiences can be both educational and engaging; we’re so excited to see them again without the glare of the computer screen. Plus, local museums often run free or discounted programs for families and kids!


Zoos are a super fun way to learn more about different animals and ecosystems from around the world. Zoos make for a great day-long activity and many offer various low-cost shows and programs.


Maybe you grew up playing varsity sports or religiously follow your favorite teams. Regardless of whether you enjoy playing or watching, sports are a great way to make friends with people that share similar interests. Consider joining a local sports team or fitness group if you’re looking for ways to stay active and meet new people.


If you’re looking for opportunities to engage with your community, volunteering can be a great way to create an impact. This past year has been incredibly challenging and left people in difficult circumstances. Getting involved in a cause that you are passionate about could lead to positive changes for everyone in your community and might even help you rediscover yourself.

As you get your life back on track, don’t worry about the cleaning. Get out and spend time doing the things you love while we provide eco-friendly, total home and routine cleaning services. We can continue to observe social distancing, wear PPE and provide FDA approved disinfection services that kill 99.9% of germs for your home, business, or office. Call today for your free consultation!