If your house is home to a pooch, the “Dog Days” of summer can begin to feel like they are year-round. Between the shedding, odors, and dirt our furry friends contribute to the house, it can be hard to forget the presence of our canine family members. While we love our dogs, we don’t adore the clumps of fur or muddy paw prints that seem to be found along every hallway. If you’re looking for some of the best ways to keep your pet-friendly home clean, we’ve compiled some of our proven tips and tricks.


There are numerous cleaning products developed for pet-friendly households. These products may include ingredients that are proven to be more effective at cleaning up certain pet-related messes or odors than general, all-purpose cleaners. Additionally, using products made for households with pets will help prevent them from accidentally ingesting toxic chemicals. Since they may spend much of their time walking or rolling around on the floor, products such as floor and carpet cleaner should be pet-friendly. At Maid Right, we use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products because we value the health of all the members of your household—including the barking ones!


To cut down on the amount of fur and dander that they leave around your home, bathe and groom your dog regularly. This habit is especially important during the fall and spring when they tend to shed the most. Consistent grooming will reduce everyday shedding, which means less fur left behind.

Clip your dog’s nails consistently to help reduce claw marks and scratches on wood or furniture. This service is typically bundled in a package offered by groomers and will save you the headache of trying to buff out scratches from your wooden floors.


Promote air circulation through your home to prevent any lingering odors from accumulating in one room. Opening up windows or turning a fan to a low setting during the day can increase the flow of air and will help reduce any permeating smells. Investing in an air purifier might also prove beneficial. Air purifiers like these continually remove pet dander and allergens from the air, helping to minimize the amount of odor causing particles.


To prevent fur and dander from accumulating, sweep and vacuum your floors every day. Pay special attention to crevices between the wall and the floor and give a bit more TLC to areas where your dog spends lots of time such as on floors or certain pieces of furniture. A dry carpet shampoo can also lift up trapped particles from your carpets and keep rooms smelling fresh. Looking for a cleaning service that can help you stay on top of the “Dog Days?” All Maid Right products are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Our customized plans offer comprehensive cleaning and improved air quality. We send the same cleaning team to your home every single time so that you can relax knowing that your home is in great hands with people you recognize and trust. Our eco-friendly, total home, and routine cleaning services will mean you can love your home again! Contact Maid Right for your free consultation. Call 855-MAID-RIGHT today!