Staying as a guest in an unfamiliar home can be stressful. But with some imagination, you can prevent your guests from experiencing uneasy feelings when they stay with you. Follow these tips to create an ideal guest room that provides a cozy and welcome ambiance.

1. Freshen the Bedding 

After a long day of travel, your guest will want to sleep in crisp, unstained sheets. Change the bedding the day you expect your guests to arrive to ensure they are fresh and clean. Stock their bathroom with multiple clean towels, and ensure the guest knows they are there for their use. Don’t forget about clean hand towels and washcloths, too.

2. Print a Homemade Guide 

Unless your guest keeps the same schedule as you or is familiar with the area, they may need a little help getting around. Create a list of local gyms, restaurants, parks, and attractions they can visit, including the distance from your home and directions. You can include as many details as necessary by adding costs, delivery options, and any additional information you feel your guest may need.   

3. Include WiFi Access Information 

Your guest will likely want access to your WiFi. If your password is long, your guest may feel bothersome asking you to repeat it throughout their stay. Tape it on the door or near the bed so the information is readily available for your guest. This spot is excellent for listing your emergency contact numbers, too.   

4. The Little Things Count 

You never know what your guest may forget. Help them out by preparing a space in the guest room that contains extra items, such as: 

  • Cell phone chargers
  • Toothpaste 
  • Soap
  • Comb
  • Q-tips 
  • Feminine hygiene products 
  • Shaving accessories 

A small basket of toiletries gives guests a welcome surprise if they forget an essential item. 

Keep Your Guests Happy with Help from Maid Right 

A pleasant guest experience begins with the cleanliness of their room. Let the cleaning professionals at Maid Right help! We’ll keep things fresh with recurring cleans and our Maid Right Shield technology that leaves your home 99.9% germ-free! Schedule your free estimate by visiting or calling (855) MAID-RIGHT.