Everyone knows about the urge to scrub things down, throw them out, and start anew in spring, but fall cleaning is often overlooked. With the sun setting on the sticky summer humidity, autumn is a good time to give your home a deep cleaning before it gets too cold.

Here’s why it matters:

If you only deep-clean your home once a year, key areas get neglected. Ovens and refrigerators need deep-cleaning at least every six months, if not more often. Certain styles of carpet and hard flooring become worn and/or stained prematurely without a detailed clean twice a year. In kitchens and bathrooms, grimy build-up and greasy stains become a nightmare to remove — and a major bacterial risk — without regular deep-cleaning.

The good news is that your home likely doesn’t need the same level of attention that you’d put into spring cleaning. It’s okay to scale back the intensity of your fall cleaning plan. This can save you time and money, depending on whether you’re cleaning by yourself or hiring a fall cleaning service.

Fall cleaning services deliver quality results while saving you time. By hiring a professional fall cleaning service, you can save yourself a massive amount of hassle and stress, all while giving your home a deeper and healthier clean. The rate of a professional cleaning service can be offset by the home maintenance savings that come with a proper deep-clean. Plus, there’s a good chance that the hour you’ll save by hiring a fall cleaning service will be worth more than the cost of the service itself. That’s especially true if the cleaners you hire can deliver a spotless clean in half the time that you’d need to achieve the same results.

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