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Franklin’s Odor-Busting Cleaning Service

Do you have unwanted residual odors in your Franklin, TN home that simply won’t go away, no matter how hard you scrub? Stubborn household odors can stem from a residential cleaning servicesvariety of origins, but they are often caused by household pets, cooking residues, dust build-up, and the spread of bacteria. At Maid Right®of Williamson County, our cleaning services use high-tech processes and experienced techniques to keep your house smelling fresh. If you’re tired of living with embarrassing odors, it may be time to partner with a professional cleaning service in Franklin to get your home thoroughly cleaned and smelling like new.

How Our Cleaning Services Eliminate Household Odors

Some types of odors can’t be neutralized with traditional cleaning methods. That’s why our cleaning services in Franklin use advanced cleaning processes to combat even the most stubborn household odors. Here are a few of the methods used by our Cleaning Pros to help resolve odor issues for families and homeowners throughout the Franklin area:

  • Thorough and frequent disinfection. Our cleaning services include whole-home disinfection on every visit to your Franklin home. We use our exclusive disinfecting system, MR Shield®, that can only be found in the Franklin area through Maid Right of Williamson County, to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact. MR Shield®utilizes an innovative misting application system to treat awkward surfaces that are typically hard to clean, such as fabrics, carpets, and keyboards. This thorough disinfection process neutralizes stubborn residual odors for a fresh start.
  • Gentle, non-toxic cleaning formulas.Since our goal is to rid your home of irritating odors, our cleaning service doesn’t use toxic chemical cleaners like bleach or ammonia, which can leave behind harsh fumes and unwanted smells. Instead, we work with non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents that are effective against germs and grime while also being safe for the planet and for the whole family. And since these cleaners don’t contain harsh chemical substances, they’ll leave your home with a spring-fresh scent.
  • Advanced indoor air filtration.Our Franklin-based cleaning services target musty, stale odors by filtering your indoor air using high-tech ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums. This advanced equipment reduces air pollution in your home by filtering out dust, dander, and irritating allergens from the air. The result is better indoor air quality and cleaner, healthier air that smells fresh.

Experience the difference that our cleaning services can make for your Franklin home. Call Maid Right of Williamson County today at (615) 205-7107to get started by scheduling a free cleaning consultation.

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