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Maid Services in Franklin: Our Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is a busy time of year for most families in the Franklin area. In addition to getting housekeeping servicesyour kids in the back to school groove, you may be trying to maximize your time outdoors before the cold winter months set in. Let a professional maid service in Franklin take care of your cleaning to-do list so that you have more time on your hands to tackle your other priorities. At Maid Right®of Williamson County, we offer customizable maid services that ensure you always have a clean, comfortable house in Franklin to come home to after a busy day. Let our Cleaning Pros handle all your housekeeping tasks this fall.

Fall Cleaning Tasks in Franklin

Our thorough maid service in Franklin ensures that every area in your house is sparkling for a more organized and healthier home this fall. From the bathrooms to the kitchen and bedrooms, our Cleaning Pros have it all covered. We work with innovative tools and high-tech systems to provide results that exceed your expectations every time we visit your house.

Here are just a few of the tasks you can expect us to complete in your bathrooms:

  • Polishing bathroom fixtures. We use eco-friendly, spring-fresh formulas to get rid of germs and bacteria without leaving behind harsh fumes or toxic odors.
  • Mopping hard floors. Our microfiber mop pads trap dirt, grime, and hair with ease for bathroom floors that shine.

We make your bedrooms cleaner and more comfortable by including the following on our checklist:

  • Bedmaking. Come home to clean linens and a freshly made bed that you can relax in.
  • Indoor air filtration. Our HEPA filter vacuums at Maid Right of Williamson County do more than clean your carpets and hard floors. They also filter out pollutants from the air for fresher, cleaner air that is healthier to breathe.
  • Dusting.We’ll get rid of unsightly dust accumulation throughout your bedroom, targeting specific areas like interior blinds and hard-to-reach light fixtures.

Ensure all your fall cooking and holiday preparations are conducted in a clean kitchen thanks to the following maid services in Franklin:

  • Countertop cleaning. Our professional formulas get rid of germs for a more sanitary cooking environment.
  • Refrigerator drawer cleaning.This add-on option to our normal cleaning checklist ensures that you don’t have to worry about gunk and food residues building up in your refrigerator.

Ease into the fall season with a cleaner, more comfortable home. Call Maid Right of Williamson County today at (615) 205-7107 for details about our maid service in Franklin.

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