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Post-Party Clean-Up with Our Maid Services in Franklin

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Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties, holiday get-togethers, or small gatherings at your home in the Franklin area? While almost everyone loves parties, what they often forget is the clean-up that comes afterwards. With our maid services at Maid Right®of Williamson County, you won’t have to take on post-party clean-up alone. Our Cleaning Pros in Franklin will ensure no spot is missed as they get your home back in top condition after your fun night.

How Our Maid Service Handles Post-Party Clean-Up

There are plenty of tell-tale signs that show you’ve recently had a party at your house, including water ring stains, sticky drink spills, and poor indoor air quality. Our maid service tackles these concerns and more by giving your Franklin home a deep, thorough clean using the following methods:

  • Floor-to-ceiling disinfection for a clean living space. After hosting a number of people at your house in the Franklin area, you may be worried about outside bacteria and viruses lingering on some of your family’s most commonly used surfaces. This is particularly a concern in the middle of cold and flu season. Our maid service uses MR Shield®, an exclusive whole-home disinfection system, to neutralize 99.99% of germs on contact. In addition to knocking out germs, MR Shield®gets rid of stubborn residual odors, giving you a fresh slate after hosting a party.
  • Advanced air filtration to reduce stuffiness.Does the air in your home feel stuffy after your get-together? Our maid service goes above and beyond for our customers in Franklin by using ProTeam vacuums equipped with HEPA technology to filter out indoor air pollution. In addition to reducing the amount of harmful airborne particles in your home, these vacuums get rid of dust, dander, and irritating allergens that could be floating in the air.
  • Detailed cleaning for a shining finish. We use the advanced technology of microfiber in our cleaning cloths and mop pads to give our customers in Franklin the best results possible. Microfiber helps our maid service get rid of the pesky water rings, residues, and grime that often appear post-party, leaving your home shining.

Could you use a hand with post-party clean-up at your home in the Franklin, TN area? Call Maid Right of Williamson County at (615) 205-7107 to get started with our maid services today by scheduling a free in-home cleaning consultation.

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