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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Professional Cleaners in Franklin Share House Cleaning Hacks

Are you working hard to keep your home clean, but failing to achieve the results that clean apartment by professional cleaners in Franklinyou’re aiming for? At Maid Right® of Williamson County, we know that many homeowners struggle to maintain the spick-and-span living environment of their dreams. Our professional cleaners in Franklin are well-versed in the best cleaning tricks and techniques, allowing us to provide you with a high-quality finish. How do we do it? Take a look at some of our favorite cleaning hacks below to learn more about how we deliver exceptional results.

Cleaning Hacks from Our Professional Cleaners at Maid Right of Williamson County

Incorporate the following tips into your regular cleaning routine in Franklin to experience a cleaner home with less effort:

  • Vacuum last. If vacuuming is one of the first steps of your cleaning process, it’s time to switch things up. Vacuuming last ensures that your floors are free of any dirt or debris that falls to the ground as you clean your cabinets and countertops. Our Cleaning Pros at Maid Right of Williamson County also like to leave vacuuming for the finishing touch since our HEPA filter vacuums purify your indoor air of dust and dander.
  • Implement a methodical strategy. In order to clean effectively, you need to plan ahead. We recommend creating a system of cleaning that directs how you work, such as cleaning each room from left to right and top to bottom. Our professional cleaners in Franklin adhere to the Maid Right Signature Clean® methodology on every visit to produce consistent results without missing a detail.
  • Use microfiber. Paper towels are expensive, old cotton rags leave streaky smears, and disposable sponges are wasteful. We suggest opting for reusable microfiber cleaning materials as your main cleaning tool. Not only do they perform better than old-fashioned alternatives, but they can also be color-coded to keep cross-contamination at bay.
  • Go green. Choosing eco-friendly, green cleaning formulas over conventional chemicals makes cleaning a more pleasant process and also protects the health of your family and the environment. If you’re not ready to invest in a new arsenal of cleaning products, start small by using natural products like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice to tackle dirt and grime in your home.

Learn more about how our professional cleaners deliver high-quality results today. Contact Maid Right of Williamson County at (615) 205-7107 to reserve a free residential cleaning consultation at your home in Franklin or a community in the surrounding areas.

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