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About Our Housekeeping Company

Dries Brand is a Project and Business Management professional with diversified experience and a successful track record spanning over 20 years in general management, project management, business development, business operations management and engineering management in the oil and gas, light metals, iron and steel, base metals, precious metals, chemicals and power industries within cold climates in Canada, as well as in hot/ humid climates in South Africa, Australia and the Middle East. He is equally skilled in providing hands-on and management expertise in all aspects of project management and project governance. Dries is a highly adaptable professional known as a credible leader who quickly builds trusting relationships and develops high-performing teams, identifies and leverages individual strengths, and leads by example, because integrity is mission-critical. His most recent role was as Manager of the Project Management Office at Husky Energy and before that as Director of Project Management Services & Support at Suncor Energy.

Dries and his wife Riana relocated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1998 from South Africa where both were born and raised. After several project assignments in Australia and the Middle East, which took them away from Calgary for about 7 years, they’ve returned and have been calling Calgary their home since 2011 where they are living with their two daughters. The Brands are genuinely committed to making every one of their Franchisees successful and improving their lives.

After looking at numerous business opportunities and while Maid Right is still fairly new to the industry, they found no other business or franchise that could match Maid Rights’ business model and operating system. They especially liked the fact that the Maid Right system is based on relevant best practices from acclaimed award-winning and proven sister franchise model Jan-Pro.

Maid Right of Calgary: About Our Housekeeping Company

Every day, our team strives to be the best housekeeping company in the Calgary area. We believe that Calgary area homeowners shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to home cleaning and so we proudly distinguish ourselves in every facet of our services. It’s why our owner works closely with every Maid Right® of Calgary customer. It’s why we rely on the best cleaning systems in our industry. And it’s why our clients have come to expect exceptional results after each and every visit from our team.

Our Company’s Attentive Housekeeping Approach

Maid Right believes in reliable, dedicated service, based on strong client-cleaner relationships. At Maid Right of Calgary, we take that responsibility to heart. When you partner with our housekeeping company, our owner will be present at every visit. What’s more, the same team will clean your home each time according to a fully customized cleaning plan designed between you and our owner.

Our Company’s Leading Housekeeping Systems

In addition to our close, personal approach, Maid Right of Calgary has access to cleaning products, equipment, and systems that ensure a superior clean.

  • Safer Cleaning Products. Thanks to our commitment to using eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents, all of our cleaning products are 100% safe for families and the environment.
  • Advanced Cleaning Equipment. Our team uses state of the art equipment like colour-coded microfibre cleaning materials, HEPA-rated air filtration, and Maid Right’s proprietary EnviroShield® system to protect your family against germs and bacteria.
  • Exclusive Cleaning Systems. We plan, execute, and measure our services through Maid Right’s exclusive three-part suite of cleaning systems: Maid Right Signature Clean®, Maid Right Technics®, and Maid Right Tracker®.

Our Company’s Results – Exceptional Housekeeping Services

By combining the personal approach of an independent cleaner with the state-of-the-art systems of a major cleaning brand, our company is able to offer a higher standard of housekeeping. That means floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall cleaning for every room included in your home’s cleaning plan. With Maid Right of Calgary, your home will be free of stubborn dirt and dust, unsightly marks and smudges, and pesky germs and bacteria. Not only that, but every cleaning your home receives will be fully guaranteed under the strongest satisfaction guarantee in the Calgary area. No wonder we’re Calgary’s most trusted housekeeping company.

Partner with Calgary’s most trusted housekeeping company by calling Maid Right today at (403) 764-6243.