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Green House Cleaning Services for Central VA

Green spray bottle spraying green leavesAt Maid Right® of Central VA, we know that green house cleaning is better cleaning. When it comes to your home, we’re completely committed to an eco-friendly approach. Green cleaning solutions don’t just reduce your carbon footprint. They are also a safer, healthier alternative for your family. Many commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and high levels of ingredients like bleach, which can be incredibly harmful to asthmatics, young children, and pets. At Maid Right of Central VA, we refuse to use such products and solutions. With our green house cleaning services, we provide a gentler, safer way.

Our Green House Cleaning Approach

When you choose Maid Right of Central VA, you’re choosing a house cleaning service with a greener, kinder approach. We only use non-harmful, non-toxic cleaning products and technologies that have proven results. The green solutions we use in your home are also relied on by day care centers, medical centers, and restaurants which means they’re not only safe to use around infants and elderly relatives, but they also reduce higher quantities of dirt, germs, and bacteria. That’s a reliable clean.

Central VA’s Choice in Cleaners

To provide exceptional eco-friendly results with every clean, our owner-operators personally supervise each of your cleanings. The products we use for house cleanings in Central VA include:

  • Green detergents. These detergents are certified by Green Seal™, a non-profit environmental agency, to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.
  • Our MR Shield® system. This incredible disinfection system has a Level IV rating from the EPA – their safest rating – and can reduce up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria in your home.
  • Color-coded microfiber cloths. When cleaning your home, we use color-coded microfiber cloths, which trap higher percentages of dirt and bacteria. These cloths are more absorbent and effective, requiring less cleaning solution and water to be used.
  • ProTeam HEPA-filtered vacuums. Air pollution is a serious, undetected problem in many homes. We use a special filtration system to trap harmful airborne particles, making it easier for your family to breathe.

Help protect your pets, children, and the planet. With Maid Right of Central VA, you’re getting a home that’s greener and cleaner.

With our house cleaning services, Maid Right of Central VA is committed to the health and safety of your family and the environment. Call us today to get started.

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