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Housekeeping Services for Pet Owners in Dayton

Housekeeping Services Pets

Are you a pet owner living in the Dayton, OH area? At Maid Right®of Dayton, we offer pet-friendly housekeeping services that combat germs, excessive pet dander, and stubborn pet-related odors. After a visit from our Cleaning Pros, you’ll be left with a cleaner, healthier home that’s more comfortable for both you and your furry friend.

Our Dayton Housekeeping Service’s Pet-Focused Cleaning Process

Whether you own a dog or cat, your furry friend may be your closest companion. Pet ownership can be thoroughly rewarding, but it also comes with a myriad of responsibilities, including cleaning up after your pet. Here’s how our housekeeping services help pet lovers in the Dayton area with their pet-related cleaning concerns:

  • We leave your house smelling clean and fresh. As a pet owner, you’re likely no stranger to stubborn pet odors that even the strongest fragrance spray can’t mask. At Maid Right of Dayton, we use MR Shield®, our exclusive disinfecting system that eliminates residual odors. Thanks to its innovative misting system, it even treats hard-to-clean surfaces like fabrics and carpets. You’ll be a left with a fresh slate and a clean-smelling house after every visit from our Cleaning Pros.
  • We combat excessive pet hair. If you have a cat or dog that sheds excessively, you may feel like you’re surrounded by pet dander. Excessive pet dander can trigger allergies in some people, so it’s important to use the proper equipment to combat it on a regular basis. As part of our core housekeeping services in Dayton, our Cleaning Pros use ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to suck up dirt, dust, and pet hair. This technologically advanced equipment also filters air pollution and pet dander from your indoor air for cleaner air that’s easier to breathe.
  • We use non-toxic, pet-friendly cleaners. As part of our green cleaning commitment, our housekeeping services skip harsh chemical products in favor of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners that are safe for the whole family. For example, MR Shield®has been given the EPA’s highest safety rating, and our bathroom detergents are Green Seal™ certified. While these products are tough on germs, they’re gentle enough to be used around small children and pets.

Discover the difference that pet-focused housekeeping services can make. Call Maid Right of Dayton today at (937) 858-1850 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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