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Maid Services in Centerville: Three Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring cleaning isn’t always fun, but it’s always worth it. Getting your Centerville home clean and organized now will help the rest of the year’s cleaning duties go more smoothly. Plus, you’ll love the fresh feel of a clean home that’s more comfortable and appears more spacious. If you need help getting your house clean for spring, consider working with our maid services at Maid Right®of Dayton. Our maid services for Centerville, Dayton, and the surrounding communities will give you high-caliber results using high-tech resources, professional techniques, and an eye for detail. Keep reading for a few tips from our maid service to aid you in getting started with spring cleaning this year.

Our Maid Service’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips

If you dread the thought of spring cleaning, you’re not alone. Many of our clients in the Centerville area are overwhelmed by their spring cleaning tasks and could use a little assistance in getting started. Take a look at these spring cleaning tips from our maid service in Centerville to help you get in the spirit for spring cleaning:

  • Clean tools for easier cleaning. Are you working with dirty tools that make most of your cleaning efforts ineffective? Before starting with spring cleaning, take a good look at the tools you’re working with to ensure they’re ready to get the job done right. Clean your broom’s bristles or consider replacing it if needed, and clean or replace the filter and bag in your vacuum. Don’t forget about the laundry room, either. De-lint your dryer for better and safer performance, and freshen up your washing machine with the help of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.
  • Choose to go green. Are you still using old-fashioned cleaning chemicals that leave behind toxic residues or fumes in your home? Switch to safer, eco-friendly alternatives to practice healthy cleaning habits. We always use non-toxic, family-safe formulas that are effective against dirt and grime but don’t add to the environment’s toxin load.
  • Get a better deep clean by de-cluttering. Purge your home of unnecessary clutter for easier cleaning and a living environment that feels more spacious and comfortable. You can give these items away to charity or even make some extra cash by holding a springtime garage sale.

Learn more about how our maid service can help you make the most of spring cleaning in Centerville, Dayton, or the surrounding OH communities. Call Maid Right of Dayton today at (937) 858-1850 to get started with our professional maid services.

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