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Odor-Busting Maid Services in Dayton

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Are stubborn, unwanted household odors getting you down? Lingering odors can be tough to banish using traditional cleaning techniques, leaving you with embarrassing smells that may prevent you from inviting company over to your home. At Maid Right®of Dayton, our professional maid service is prepared to conquer even the toughest odor problem using advanced technology and our experienced cleaning methods.

How Our Maid Service Banishes Odors

Household odors can result from numerous causes. However, they are usually the product of cooking residues, bacteria, pets, or dust build-up. Our Cleaning Pros in Dayton get to the root of your odor problem so you can be free of those pesky smells for good. Here are a just a few of the odor-neutralizing cleaning methods used by our maid services in the Dayton area:

  • Exclusive whole-home disinfection on every clean. When you choose to work with our maid service in Dayton, you’ll receive access to our exclusive disinfecting system, MR Shield®. MR Shield®’s special formula neutralizes 99.99% germs and viruses on contact, including those pesky odor-causing bacteria, leaving your home healthier and cleaner than before. This cleaning system uses a special application process that enables it to treat even awkward surfaces that are hard to clean using traditional methods, such as carpets, fabrics, and keyboards.
  • High quality cleaning products. Toxic chemical cleaners like bleach and ammonia can leave behind hazardous residues and noxious fumes, adding to your odor problem and posing a danger to your family. Instead of choosing harsh cleaning formulas, our maid service in Dayton uses eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners that fight germs and dirt effectively without any toxic ingredients. For example, MR Shield®boasts the EPA’s highest rating for safety, while our bathroom detergents are Green Seal™ certified and leave your home with a spring-fresh scent.
  • Advanced indoor air freshening. Are musty, stale odors the main culprit in your Dayton home? Our maid services include indoor air filtration with our high-tech ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums. This innovative equipment filters out air pollution from your home, including harmful airborne particles like irritating allergens, dust, and pet dander. You’ll be left with fresher, cleaner air that is free of musty odors and is healthier for your family to breathe.

Are you ready to see how our odor-neutralizing maid services can help your Dayton, OH household odor problem? Call Maid Right of Dayton today at (937) 858-1850 to get started with a free in-home cleaning consultation.

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