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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Professional Moving Cleaning Services in Centerville Help to Make Your Move Stress Free

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Are you preparing for an upcoming move? Moving isn’t something that people tend to do often, and for good reason: it’s simply exhausting! When you realize that your moving to-do list is a mile long, you might wonder who you should call for help. At Maid Right®of Dayton, we offer moving cleaning services throughout the Centerville area, including Dayton and neighboring communities. Our Cleaning Pros can take care of deep cleaning your house so that you only have to worry about organizing and packing up your things. Keep reading to learn more about how our moving cleaning services help homeowners and tenants in Centerville.

Why Hire a Moving Cleaning Service in Centerville?

A moving cleaning service in Centerville can take a load off of your shoulders, making moving a much less stressful experience. Here are just some of the ways our team at Maid Right of Dayton can help:

  • We’ll get rid of odors that persist even after you’ve packed up. Packed up your things, but just can’t do away with that lingering funk in your house? Whether you’re dealing with stubborn odors related to smoking, cooking, or pets, you can count on us to banish them for good. We work with an exclusive disinfecting system that neutralizes unpleasant smells and gets rid of odor-causing bacteria.
  • We save you time and energy so you can concentrate on packing. Packing can be a lengthy process, and it often takes much longer than planned. First, there’s all the organizing and decluttering to do. Then, you’ve got to get everything you’re taking with you into boxes and onto a moving truck. After this taxing process, you may be totally wiped out. Rather than having to move on to the monumental task of cleaning your whole home, you can turn to us to get the job done for you.
  • We provide professional results that even picky landlords will admire. If you’re contractually obligated to complete a thorough cleaning before you move out, then it’s best to leave the task to professionals. We work with high-tech tools and powerful formulas that easily erase dirt and grime. Plus, our extensive checklist ensures we never miss a detail.

Are you ready to get started with our moving cleaning service? Just call Maid Right of Dayton at (937) 858-1850 to learn more about booking a free consultation in Centerville, Dayton, or a community in the surrounding areas.

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