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Signature Clean® Residential Cleaning Services in Dayton

Residential cleaning services from Maid Right® of Dayton are driven by the Maid Right Signature Clean® system. This system of cleaning standards and strategies helps ensure an exceptional clean on every visit by our cleaners. Our cleaners know that a spotless clean depends on higher standards, smarter planning, and experienced cleaners. With Maid Right Signature Clean,® we bring all three to the table, thanks to rigorous training, customized cleaning plans, and checklist-backed cleaning methods. The result? Residential cleaning services that homeowners throughout the Dayton area can depend on.

Dayton’s Experts in Residential Cleaning

In residential cleaning, a quality cleaner makes all the difference. At Maid Right of Dayton, we understand that as well as anyone. Instead of having contract cleaners rotated in and out of your home, we assign a single Maid Right of Dayton owner/operator to perform your residential cleaning services. Every owner/operator is rigorously trained and has been Maid Right Signature Clean® certified. The owner/operator in charge of your cleaning services will ensure consistent, professional results on every visit to your home.

Plans for Residential Cleaning Services

Under Maid Right Signature Clean,® every home serviced by Maid Right of Dayton receives its own residential cleaning service plan. Your home’s service plan will be created by the same owner/operator who performs your home’s cleanings, and it will include any specific instructions or requests you may have about the cleaning of your home. If there are areas you need us to avoid or spots where we need to pay special attention, we’ll make note of it in your plan. And if you need add-on services for an even deeper clean, we can include those too.

Signature Clean® Service Checklists

To ensure quality and consistency in our residential cleaning services, the team at Maid Right of Dayton uses Signature Clean® service checklists. These checklists are item-by-item lists of all the different cleaning services we will perform in your home. We will use a service checklist on every clean to make sure that each room in your home is cleaned to Signature Clean® standards.

Maid Right Signature Clean® is backed by two other exclusive Maid Right systems. Maid Right Technics® is our exclusive suite of cleaning products and technologies, using only eco-friendly and family-safe materials. Maid Right Tracker® allows our cleaners to track and measure their work, helping them maintain exceptional levels of service. All together, these three systems have made us Dayton’s premier residential cleaning services provider.

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