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About Our Move-Out Cleaning Services in Cary

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You’re done with the hard work of moving out: sorting items, packing up boxes, and moving furniture. Even if you had the assistance of professional movers, it’s still a time- and energy-consuming experience. Now that you’ve moved your personal belongings out of your Cary home, it’s time to start cleaning. Our move-out cleaning service at Maid Right®of Cary can help make finishing up your big move a cinch. We’re here to provide the exact level of service you need, whether that’s deep-cleaning your entire home or spot-cleaning specific areas.

Cleaning Services for an Easier Move

Let’s face it: your home isn’t at its best after a packing frenzy. There’s likely plenty of dust and dirt accumulating on the floor and in the air, plus areas of the house that have escaped your usual cleaning methods because they’ve been hidden by large furnishings. Here’s how our cleaning service at Maid Right of Durham helps homeowners throughout the Cary area ensure their homes are clean after moving day:

  • High-dusting and cobweb removal. Our cleaning service will get in those hard-to-reach areas, like ceilings and the tops of cabinets, so you don’t have to.
  • Vacuuming and air filtration. Packing dust doesn’t stand a chance against our innovative HEPA filter vacuums, which provide excellent suction while filtering out dust and dander from the air.
  • Wiping down and polishing. Our cleaning service works with microfiber cleaning cloths that trap more dust and dirt than conventional cleaning materials, leaving your home visibly clean. We’ll target problem areas like the baseboards as well as the insides and outsides of cabinets.
  • Disinfection and odor neutralization. Are you embarrassed by the pesky pet, cooking, or smoking odors that you’re leaving behind? Our exclusive disinfecting system, MR Shield®, kills 99.99% of germs it comes into contact with, including odor-causing bacteria, for a whole-home clean.
  • Kitchen appliance detailing. If your oven or refrigerator needs some special attention, consider our add-on kitchen appliance cleaning service for homes in Cary. We’ll get rid of gunk and grime, refreshing your kitchen area.
  • Bathroom cleaning. Don’t have the time or energy to give your bathrooms one last clean? We’ll scrub down your tub, shower, and sink with our eco-friendly cleaning products so you leave behind fresh and sanitary bathrooms.

Make moving easier with our professional move-out cleaning services in Cary, NC. Call Maid Right of Durham today at (919) 907-2431 for more information about getting started.

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