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Durham-Based Residential Cleaning Services for Household Odor Reduction

residential cleaning services

Are you constantly dealing with pesky residual odors in your home? There are numerous causes for stubborn household odors. Whether they result from cooking, pets, dust, or bacteria, these smells can often be difficult to banish using traditional cleaning methods. Fortunately, our Cleaning Pros at Maid Right®of Durham have the knowledge and tools necessary to minimize your household odor problem. Whether you live in Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Carrboro, Mebane, or the surrounding communities, our residential cleaning service can help keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

How Our Residential Cleaning Service Minimizes Household Odors

If lingering odors in your home make it too embarrassing to have company over, it may be time to call a professional residential cleaning service in Durham. Using high-tech processes and advanced cleaning formulas, our Cleaning Pros minimize residual household odors for a more pleasant home environment. Here are just a few of the methods we use as part of our residential cleaning services in Durham to prevent residual odors from taking over your home:

  • We provide advanced whole-home disinfection. At Maid Right of Durham, we’re the only residential cleaning service in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Carrboro, and Mebane with access to the exclusive MR Shield®disinfecting system. MR Shield®kills 99.99% of germs it comes into contact with, including pesky odor-causing bacteria. And since it uses an innovative misting applicator to clean even hard-to-treat surfaces, this advanced cleaning system provides floor-to-ceiling disinfection and odor neutralization.
  • We work with non-toxic, spring-fresh cleaning formulas. Are you tired of the harsh chemical smells of bleach and ammonia? Rather than using these toxic cleaners and adding to your odor problem, our residential cleaning service relies on non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning formulas. After a visit from our Cleaning Pros, you won’t be left with clouds of harsh chemical fumes – instead, your home will simply smell fresh.
  • We filter out air pollution for improved air quality. Musty, stale odors can be hard to get rid of with surface cleaning. That’s why we provide indoor air filtration as part of our core residential cleaning services in Durham. We utilize innovative vacuums equipped with HEPA filter technology to reduce air pollution in your home by filtering out dust, dander, and other airborne particles for fresher, cleaner air.

If you’re tired of battling household odors, consider working with a professional residential cleaning service in Durham, NC. Call Maid Right of Durham today at (919) 907-2431 to set up a free in-home cleaning consultation in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Carrboro, Mebane, or the surrounding communities.

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