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High-Tech Cleaning Services in Cary

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At Maid Right of Durham, we’re constantly aiming to provide high-quality cleaning services throughout the Cary, NC area. Rather than rely on old-fashioned cleaning methods, our Cleaning Pros take advantage of some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the industry. Thanks to these advanced cleaning processes, our cleaning services deep clean your home for consistently wow-inspiring results. In addition to being extremely effective, our innovative cleaning systems neutralize germs, odors, and dirt in a non-toxic, eco-friendly manner that keeps your living environment clean and safe for the whole family.

Our Cleaning Service’s Advanced Processes

Our Maid Right Technics®technologies include a wide range of high-tech cleaning systems that help us provide high-quality results for families and homeowners throughout the Cary area. The following are just a few of the innovative tools we use as part of our core cleaning services in Cary:

  • An exclusive whole-home disinfecting system. At Maid Right of Durham, our cleaning service boasts exclusive access to MR Shield®, our innovative disinfection system. MR Shield®kills 99.99% of germs on contact, reducing the risk of the spread of illness in your home. It uses a unique misting applicator that allows us to treat surfaces that are often skipped over because they are hard to clean. And since MR Shield®has been given the EPA’s stamp of approval, you can rest easy knowing that this high-tech system is safe for the planet and your family.
  • HEPA filter technology. Our advanced cleaning services don’t just give your home a surface clean – we clean beyond what the eye can see by filtering the air inside your home. Our high-tech vacuums are equipped with HEPA filter technology that reduces indoor air pollution for better indoor air quality. With fewer allergens, irritants, and dust particles, your indoor air will be healthier and easier to breathe.
  • Microfiber cleaning materials. Are you tired of the grimy, streaky results that traditional cleaning materials deliver? We use the power of microfiber in our cleaning cloths and mop pads to give your home a polished shine and reduce germs and grime in the process. Conventional cleaning cloths only reduce bacteria by 33%, while microfiber materials allow us to cut down on bacteria in your home by a whopping 99%.

Experience the difference that our advanced cleaning services can make for your Cary home. Call Maid Right of Durham today at (919) 907-2431 to get started with a free in-home cleaning consultation.

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