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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Reasons to Hire a Housekeeping Company in Stamford, CT

home cleaning servicesYou have every intention of spending your Saturday cleaning, dusting and mopping. But then one of your kids gets sick. You get called into work at the last minute. Or you simply don’t have the energy for more than just a quick surface clean. Sound familiar? If it does, why not call in a professional housekeeping company in Stamford, CT to help clean your home? Maid Right ®of Fairfield is a reliable and trusted housekeeping company helping families in Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, Fairfield, and Norwalk find peace of mind.

When you call our housekeeping company, you’ll be able to enjoy:

A Cleaner Home.A professional cleaner makes it their business to know how to thoroughly clean every surface, from furniture and flooring to door knobs and keyboards. This means they understand the right techniques, products and equipment to use throughout each room and area of your home. With Maid Right of Fairfield as your housekeeping company, you’ll get professionals who know how to take care of grimy shower doors, get rid of sticky fingerprints, thoroughly clean blinds and ceiling fans, and banish dust bunnies once and for all. It’s a level of clean most people simply can’t achieve on their own.

A Safer Home. Being clean and being thoroughly disinfected are two separate things. If you want your home to be a healthier, more hygienic place for the whole family, then you need to meticulously disinfect every surface. At Maid Right of Fairfield, we offer our customers our proprietary MR Shield®disinfecting system with every single cleaning. It wipes out 99% of germs – from flu to MRSA – and is completely safe for everyone, including newborns and pets.

More Time and Less Hassle. Would you rather spend your time scrubbing your bathroom or enjoying your day? If it’s the latter, then our housekeeping company in Stamford, CT can help. You can get more time in your day and your whole week to focus on other priorities and activities you enjoy – all while letting the professionals handle the dirty work.

Get Started with our Housekeeping Company

Getting started with Maid Right of Fairfield is easy. Whether you live in Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, Fairfield, or Norwalk, CT, our housekeeping company can offer you customized cleaning plans, owner-led cleaning teams, and a detailed room-by-room inspection after every cleaning. And we don’t stop there. We even back each service with the industry’s strongest guarantee.

When you want more time in your day – and a cleaner, safer home – contact Stamford, CT’s housekeeping company of choice: Maid Right of Fairfield. To learn more or schedule a free home evaluation, call (203) 439-5156 today.

Life is Short, Let us handle
the dirty stuff.