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As an experienced executive, you can apply your leadership skills to building your own business. Maid Right’s unique two-tier franchise model gives you the opportunity to run a business and develop a team of franchise owners who care for their customer’s cleaning needs. This approach allows you to drive your business growth via marketing, training and business management while your local franchise owners deliver exceptional cleaning services to the residential clients you have provided for them.

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In dual-income families, residential cleaning is the number one requested service by women. With more than $50 billion in annual sales, the franchise cleaning industry is dynamic and growing. Maid Right is a sister company to JAN-PRO, a top-ranked, global leader in franchised commercial cleaning. The longevity, expertise and success of the JAN-PRO franchise model have been adapted for home cleaning customers through Maid Right.


Growth Industry

Many franchise businesses aren’t designed for longevity. The home cleaning franchise industry is different, and is typically resistant to economic downturns. No matter what else changes, people want to enjoy the benefits of a clean home. However, with today’s busy lifestyles, people don’t always have the time or energy to keep up with this chore. Maid Right is a great opportunity to build a growing service business within a $50 billion industry.

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Proven franchising model

Unlike other residential cleaning companies, we believe that people who owna home cleaning franchise are more dedicated to quality service than people who simply work for a paycheck. To initially build your business, you’ll need to find the right prospects and convince them, with our support, of the benefits of starting their own Maid Right franchise businesses. Instead of spending your time hiring hourly cleaning crews, as a master franchise owner, you’ll sell unit franchises to owner-operators who will directly service the home cleaning needs of their clients.

Buying a franchise

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Learn the secrets behind Buying a Franchise by JAN-PRO Founder, Jack LaPointe. Become part of one of the fastest growing residential cleaning franchises in North America.

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“I’ve really enjoyed working with my husband for the first time after over twenty years working separately in a high travel corporate executive role. Our strengths complement one another’s well. We also like to see people get their start as we help them open their own cleaning business. We feel like we are really changing lives for the better. It’s been satisfying to do something that is simpler than what we did in corporate life but more directly connected to people.” – Angela Clayton

“One of the many reasons we purchased a Maid Right franchise was because of the opportunity to combine our skills and talents with a system led by an experienced franchisor that was willing to take input.” – Tania Price

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