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Chandler House Cleaning

Professional Maid Services in Chandler, AZ

While hiring a local house cleaning company can certainly have a positive impact on the way your home looks, one of the main reasons for working with professional cleaners in Chandler is to provide a healthy living environment for your family. A residential cleaning service like Maid Right of East Valley will have the resources and skills needed to effectively battle bacteria, grime, mold, and indoor air pollution, helping protect you and your family members from infections and irritating allergic reactions. Keep reading to learn more about how partnering with a local house cleaning service in Chandler can boost your health and improve your lifestyle.

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What is the Maid Right Cleaning Service Process?

  • Maid Right Technics®. Our suite of cleaning technologies includes innovations that clean beyond what the eye can see. For example, our HEPA filter vacuums reduce levels of indoor air pollution, while our microfiber cleaning materials trap bacteria and dust particles. We also work with an exclusive disinfection system called MR Shield® that eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses while neutralizing unpleasant odors.
  • The Maid Right Signature Clean® Program. Our step-by-step program guides us through the cleaning process on every visit, ensuring that you can always enjoy results that meet the same quality standards each time we clean your home.
  • Maid Right Tracker®. Our tracking system allows us to measure our performance and quantify the impact we’re having on your living space. We also use this tool to keep track of our customers’ changing preferences and their satisfaction with our services.
  • Our Guarantee. Our services at Maid Right of Greater Phoenix are backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry, which keeps us accountable to sky-high standards of cleanliness. Just give us a call if we’ve failed to meet your expectations, and we’ll address your concerns in 2 business days or less. If you’re still disappointed with our performance, your next regular clean is on the house.
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What to expect from a Maid Service with Maid Right of East Valley

  • Wall-to-wall disinfection. We won’t let cold or flu germs throw a wrench in your holiday party. Our MR Shield® disinfection system knocks out 99% of bacteria and viruses and eliminates stubborn odors to make your home a safer, healthier space for guests.
  • Indoor air filtration. Stuffy, musty odors can be a problem in the colder months. Our HEPA filter vacuums get rid of airborne dust and dander that contributes to indoor air pollution for a home that feels as fresh and clean as it looks.
  • Detailed bathroom cleaning. We’ll carefully clean your bathrooms with microfiber materials and eco-friendly formulas that leave behind a lasting shine your guests are sure to appreciate.
  • Flexible cleaning plans. Our cleaning pros will sit down with you to create a cleaning plan that perfectly fits your goals for the holiday season or any other time during the year. Whether you’re in need of a one-time deep clean or recurring cleaning services that keep your home in great shape throughout the holidays, we’ll make sure your personalized plan reflects those preferences

What are the Benefits of hiring a housekeeper in Chandler, AZ?

  • Offering you a place to relax. Organizing carpool, throwing dinner together, and managing homework meltdowns can take a lot out of you. You deserve a calm and clean place to relax at the end of the day. We’ll make your home a rejuvenating oasis with our detailed cleaning services. From small touches like bed-making to freshly scented formulas, you’ll be impressed with how a clean home can help you relax.
  • Eliminating items on your to-do list. If you have school-aged children, fitting in your cleaning duties can be tough. Deciding to work with a professional house cleaner is often a smart choice, ensuring your home is clean while giving you extra time to focus on what’s most important in your life.
  • Providing your family with a healthy living environment. The last thing you need is for your family to get sick during this busy time of year. We cut down on that risk through our professional disinfection techniques and focus on cleaning high-touch areas that are prone to germ transfer.

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two maids cleaning a kitchen island countertopExperience the best house cleaning service around when you partner with Maid Right of Greater Phoenix. When you partner with the best house cleaning service in the Chandler, AZ area, you can enjoy a fresh, clean home on a regular basis. At Maid Right of East Valley, we’re proud to offer exceptional house cleaning services for families and homeowners in Chandler and the surrounding areas. Our Cleaning Pros utilize exclusive systems and proven cleaning procedures to help you achieve an outstanding level of clean that protects your family’s well-being and provides you with a comfortable living environment. Whether this is your first time to partner with a cleaning service or you’re looking to switch cleaning companies, you can count on us to exceed your expectations on every visit.

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