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Choosing a Green House Cleaning Service in Mesa

House Cleaning Services

Are you aiming to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in Mesa? At Maid Right®of Greater Phoenix, we’ve made a commitment to delivering environmentally-friendly house cleaning services to our customers in Mesa and Tempe, AZ. Not only do we want to help you make eco-friendly choices, but we also want to avoid contributing to the environment’s toxin load through the practices of our house cleaning service.

Our House Cleaning Service’s Green Cleaning Methods for Mesa Homes

At Maid Right®of Greater Phoenix, we’re proud to offer families throughout Mesa and Tempe the opportunity to work with an environmentally-focused house cleaning service. Although our cleaning processes are safe for the environment and gentle enough to be used around children and pets, they’re extremely tough on dirt and grime. Here are some of the systems we use to deliver deep cleans in Mesa without sacrificing our commitment to the environment:

  • Microfiber technology. Our house cleaning service relies on microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads to provide dirt-free, germ-free results for homes in Mesa. Microfiber cleaning materials are much more effective than conventional cleaning cloths. While the latter only reduce bacteria by 33%, microfiber gets rid of 99.99% of bacteria – without the need for toxic chemical cleaners.
  • MR Shield®disinfection system. Our exclusive whole-home disinfection system knocks out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with. Thanks to its innovative misting process, MR Shield®provides a whole-home clean that doesn’t skip over typically difficult-to-treat surfaces. And since it has been given the highest safety rating by the EPA, you can be confident that this cleaning system is easy on the environment.
  • Indoor air filtration. Your indoor air contains more harmful particles and pollution than you’re aware of. Our house cleaning service employs the technology of ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to remove dust and other airborne particles from homes in Mesa. You’ll be left with cleaner air that’s healthier for your family and for the environment.
  • Non-toxic cleaning agents. Some house cleaning services in the Mesa area rely on toxic chemical cleaning agents, but at Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, we’re committed to providing a deep clean using only non-toxic products. For example, our bathroom detergent has been given the prestigious Green Seal™ certification.

Choose a house cleaning service that prioritizes the environment while providing consistently spotless results. Call Maid Right of Greater Phoenix today at (602) 362-8822 for more information about our services for families in Mesa, Tempe, and the surrounding communities.

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