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Germ-Free Home Cleaning Services for East Valley Families

When it comes to home cleaning services, the most important results are often the ones you can’t see. Microscopic germs, bacteria, and viruses can get past second-rate cleaning systems. That leaves you and your loved ones unprotected against harmful contagions. With home cleaning services from Maid Right of East Valley, medical-grade disinfection comes standard. Thanks to our advanced cleaning methods and exclusive Maid Right systems, we offer families in East Valley the home cleaning services they need for a cleaner, healthier home.

Home Cleaning Services that Fight Germs

At Maid Right of East Valley, our greatest weapon in the fight against germs and bacteria is our patented MR Shield® system. This medical-grade system is our industry’s most advanced system for sanitization, with its unique combination of effectiveness, coverage, and safety.

  • MR Shield® Effectiveness. This system provides medical-grade disinfection and is used by Maid Right’s sister brand JAN-PRO to disinfect hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities. MR Shield® knocks out germs, bacteria, and viruses with a 99% eradication rate, and also eliminates odors.
  • MR Shield® Coverage. MR Shield® uses a one-of-a-kind misting system to wrap treated surfaces in a protective, germ-fighting shield. Because of this system, MR Shield® can be used to treat surfaces like computer keyboards, carpeting, and upholstered furniture.
  • MR Shield® Safety. MR Shield® is non-toxic and non-irritating for young children, pets, asthmatics, and those with allergies.

Maid Right franchises are the only home cleaning services with access to MR Shield®. You will not find this system used by any other home cleaning service provider in the East Valley area.

Home cleaning services from Maid Right of East Valley also include systems to reduce cross-contamination. This includes color-coding for the microfiber cloths we use to clean bathrooms. Color-coding ensures that cloths used in your bathrooms never get used in other areas in your home.

Our commitment to healthier home cleaning services even extends to our vacuums. Maid Right of East Valley cleaners use HEPA-rated four filter models for vacuuming floors and furniture. These vacuums trap tiny airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter, effectively cleaning the air you breathe.

When it comes to a healthier, safer home, no other home cleaning services company in the East Valley area offers the services and systems that come with Maid Right of East Valley For your free house cleaning services assessment, call us today. Take your first step toward a healthier home environment.

For germ-free home cleaning services for your East Valley home, call (602) 362-8822 today, and get started with Maid Right of East Valley.

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