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Life is Short. Clean Less.

A Signature Clean® Housekeeping Company in Tempe

With Maid Right® of Greater Phoenix, you get the benefit of our Maid Right Signature Clean®. It’s our streamlined approach to giving you extraordinary results and attentive services for each and every visit, all completed by a highly knowledgeable team of experts. We know you have countless other tasks to juggle every day, which is why you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your cleanings. With our high standard for home cleanings, there’s a reason so many families in Mesa and Tempe have selected Maid Right of Greater Phoenix as their housekeeping company of choice.

Tempe’s Dedicated Owner-Operators

At Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, we know how effective a hands-on cleaning service can be. That’s why one of our owner-operators will always be involved in your cleaning services. From our initial estimate to every home visit, a dedicated owner-operator will always be on-hand. Before they join our housekeeping company, our owner-operators undergo an extensive training program as part of Maid Right Signature Clean®. This means that they’ll always have the expertise to discuss and carefully monitor your cleanings. The result is a housekeeping company in Tempe that’s more attentive and more accountable.

A Personalized Housekeeping Company

A personalized approach is the ideal approach. With Maid Right Signature Clean®, you’ll get a cleaning plan that’s customized specifically to your home. One of our owner-operators will conduct an in-home evaluation, crafting a cleaning program that incorporates every room in your home. If you have any special cleaning requests to make, we can include those, too. At Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, it’s important to us that you know what you’re getting – and that what you’re getting is what you want. With a customized cleaning plan, we can make it happen.

Our Complete Home Disinfection Services

Every day, countless invisible germs, bacteria particles, and viruses are brought into your home. For a space that’s truly clean, you want a housekeeping company in Tempe that can provide disinfection services. With Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, you’ll get a complete home disinfection with your regular cleanings because we use MR Shield®, our patented disinfection system, to disinfect all surfaces in your home. That includes tough-to-clean surfaces like keyboards and carpets. MR Shield® is so powerfully effective that it’s used in hospitals, day care centers, and medical centers. That’s a clean you can really depend on.

Take advantage of Maid Right Signature Clean®. For a reliable housekeeping company in Tempe, set up an in-home evaluation with Maid Right of Greater Phoenix by calling (602) 362-8822.

Life is Short, Let us handle
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