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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Why You Should Hire Professional Housekeeping Services in Mesa

professional cleaning services by maidKeeping your home thoroughly cleaned takes a lot of time. Depending on its size, the job can demand anywhere from a few hours to a full day. It’s even more cumbersome if you have kids and pets to clean up after. Let Mesa’s housekeeping service professionals at Maid Right ®of Greater Phoenix handle the work for you. From our personalized cleaning plans to our proprietary disinfecting system, we have everything you need so your home sparkles and shines.

We Can Clean & Disinfect Your Home

You might have no problem with routine daily cleaning. But what about disinfecting bathrooms, polishing light fixtures, and wiping down blinds? At Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, we have the specialized knowledge and effective, eco-friendly cleaning products to clean and stop the spread of germs in your home. In fact, with our exclusive MR Shield®disinfecting system, we can eliminate 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces, fabrics, keyboards, and door handles. Not only is it effective, but it has also earned EPA’s safest rating for health and the environment.

We Can Free Up Your Time to Focus on Other Activities

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re busy, whether it’s with work, kids, or activities. Especially if you have small children, you’re likely to get interrupted many times throughout the cleaning process, making it longer and more cumbersome than it needs to be. Instead, leave the work to Mesa’s housekeeping service experts at Maid Right of Greater Phoenix. You can focus on your family and priorities while we handle:

  • Disinfecting throughout your home
  • Polishing furniture surfaces
  • Vacuuming carpets, upholstery and stairs
  • Damp mopping hard-surface floors
  • Changing out bed linens with clean ones
  • And more

We Can Clean Where & When You Need Us

Have high priority areas in your home that need special attention? What about pets or allergy sufferers in the family? As Mesa’s housekeeping service professionals, we can offer you the cleaning solutions you need to create a safer, healthier, more comfortable environment for everyone. Not only that, but you can choose to have us in your home every day, each week, every other week, or on a monthly basis.

Ready to Put Mesa’s Choice for Housekeeping Services to Work for You?

Simply give us a call and we’ll schedule an in-home assessment. Based on our findings, we’ll then design a customized cleaning plan that’s just right for your home and budget. At Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, all our services are backed by the industry’s strongest guarantee so you receive a guaranteed clean, every time.

To learn more, call Maid Right of Greater Phoenix today at (602) 362-8822. Our housekeeping services are available for homeowners in Mesa and Tempe.

Life is Short, Let us handle
the dirty stuff.