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Enviro-Mist® Residential Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Give your home the deeper clean it deserves with Enviro-Mist® from Maid Right. Thanks to Enviro-Mist,® our residential cleaning services offer the knock-out punch that homeowners need to neutralize odors and eliminate dangerous bacteria. This exclusive system offers a safer and more effective method for home disinfection, and is available in the Phoenix area exclusively through our residential cleaning services.

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Eviro-Mist Cleaner

How do I disinfect my house?

At Maid Right of East Valley we understand that keeping your home clean is the one of most important things you can do to help keep your family healthy. To disinfect your home we recommend getting all surfaces cleaned off with our Enivo-Mist solution to help kill germs, as well as deep cleaning carpeting and furnature.

Residential Cleaning & Disinfection in Mesa

Three key qualities distinguish Enviro-Mist® from other disinfection systems and traditional disinfection methods.

  1. Enviro-Mist® uses an application system that solves one of the biggest problems of home disinfection: how to disinfect hard-to-reach spaces. Cracks and crannies are often the number one spot for bacteria, allowing them to breed out of sight and away from cloths, mops, and disinfecting sprays. Enviro-Mist® uses an exclusive misted application system that allows its disinfectant to reach these areas and other tough-to-treat spots, making it possible to disinfect a computer keyboard as easily as a door handle.
  2. Enviro-Mist®uses a tough-on-germs disinfectant. This disinfectant effectively wipes out 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria on contact. Common and dangerous household germs — like e. coli and salmonella — are neutralized in a single application. With Enviro-Mist®, our residential cleaning services help homeowners in the Mesa area keep their families protected against infection and illness caused by these contagions. Enviro-Mist® also eliminates odor-causing bacteria, allowing you to neutralize even stubborn smells caused by pets, cooking, and smoking.
  3. Enviro-Mist® is eco-friendly. Unlike other common disinfecting agents, like chlorine bleach, the disinfectant used in Enviro-Mist® contains no toxic chemicals. In fact, Enviro-Mist® is perfectly safe for the environment and human beings, having received the EPA’s highest rating for safety. Enviro-Mist® can even be used to treat areas used by those with allergies and respiratory difficulties, producing zero harsh or irritating fumes.

Mesa’s Residential Cleaning Service Specialists

Maid Right of Greater Phoenix is proud to be Mesa’s residential cleaning service of choice. In addition to Enviro-Mist®, our services boast a number of further advantages, including our Maid Right Signature Clean®, Maid Right Technics®, and Maid Right Tracker® systems. With these advanced cleaning solutions, our residential cleaning services make it easy for Mesa homeowners to bring a truly floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall clean to their homes.

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