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Maid Right of Greensboro: Residential Cleaning & MR Shield®

MR ShieldAs Greensboro’s experts in total-home cleaning, Maid Right of Greensboro is committed to a higher grade of residential cleaning. For our team, that means following through on results that leave your home healthier, safer, and more comfortable for you and your family. By protecting your home against germs, viruses, and odors with our exclusive MR Shield® system, we make total-home residential cleaning more accessible than ever for Greensboro homeowners.

A Healthier Home with MR Shield® Residential Cleaning

The MR Shield® advantage starts with one of the strongest disinfection and cleaning agents in the residential cleaning industry. MR Shield® uses a specially formulated cleaning product that is equally effective against germs, bacteria, and viruses, eliminating more than 99.99% of dangerous contagions on contact. This allows Maid Right of Greensboro cleaners to eliminate virtually all contaminants within any room that we treat.

Odor Removal by Maid Right of Greensboro with MR Shield®

MR Shield® is tough on more than just bacteria, germs, and viruses. With MR Shield®, Maid Right of Greensboro is able to neutralize a wide array of common household odors, including several stubborn, lingering smells that other residential cleaning agents struggle to remove.

State of the art Residential Cleaning with Maid Right of Greensboro

MR ShieldMaid Right of Greensboro achieves exceptional results by relying on top advancements and technologies in the residential cleaning field. With its exclusive, state-of-the-art application system, MR Shield® is one of our most valuable residential cleaning tools. This system, which wraps treated surfaces in a protective, residue-free shield, is able to reach even the toughest to clean nooks and crannies, allowing us to eliminate germs and odors that other systems struggle with.

MR Shield® and Our Commitment to Safer Residential Cleaning

One of the chief advantages to MR Shield® is its safety, helping ensure a germ-free home doesn’t come at the cost of using harsh or harmful cleaning products like bleach. Instead, MR Shield® is completely non-toxic and non-irritating, making it a great choice for families with young children, newborns, pets, asthmatics, or allergy sufferers.

Maid Right of Greensboro is the only Greensboro-area cleaning company that is able to provide MR Shield® protection against germs, viruses, and odors.

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