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Maid Services in Katy for Pet Lovers

kitten on couch cleaned with maid services from maid rightAre you a pet owner who resides in Katy, Cinco Ranch, or the surrounding communities? Sharing your life with a furry friend can be a great joy, but pet ownership comes with a lot of work, especially when it comes to cleaning up. At Maid Right®of Katy, we understand that pet owners have specific cleaning needs for their homes. Our maid services in the Katy, TX area take on excessive pet hair and pet-related odors with gentle, non-toxic cleaning formulas that will leave your home sparkling. You’ll be left with a cleaner, healthier living environment that’s more comfortable for you and your pet.

Our Maid Service’s Pet-Friendly Cleaning Techniques

When you choose Maid Right of Katy, you can be confident that our pet-friendly maid service will target your top cleaning priorities. Here’s how we keep your home clean and fresh, even when you have a furry friend in the house:

  • We eliminate unwanted odors. Are you tired of living with stubborn pet-related odors? Our maid service uses an exclusive disinfection system called MR Shield® to get rid of even the toughest odors so your home can finally smell fresh again.
  • We get rid of harmful germs. As a pet owner, you may be especially concerned about the spread of germs in your home. Fortunately, MR Shield®doesn’t just knock out odor-causing bacteria. This cleaning system also eliminates 99.99% of germs and viruses on contact. Using a special misting application system, MR Shield®even treat areas that are difficult to get to using traditional cleaning methods.
  • We work with pet-friendly cleaning agents. Have you ever worked with a maid service that used bleach or ammonia as their primary cleaners? Chemicals like these can leave behind toxic residues and harsh fumes that are harmful to your health—and to the health of your pet. At Maid Right of Katy, our maid service utilizes non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning formulas that fight germs and grime effectively without harming the planet or your family’s health.
  • We reduce pet hair in your house.Have you given up on trying to get rid of excess pet dander in your home? Our maid service can help. We use high-tech ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to reduce the amount of pet hair in the air and on your home’s surfaces.

Could you benefit from pet-friendly maid services in Katy, Cinco Ranch, or the surrounding communities? Contact Maid Right of Katy today at (832) 934-9569 to schedule your free in-home cleaning consultation.

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