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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Commercial Cleaning Professionals in Katy

Having a clean and sanitary working environment can lead to better employee performance and productivity. Our process includes Quality Control and continuous Customer Service. Each team leader will review and inspect the work to ensure our high cleaning standards are met. Our Commercial cleaning services can't be beat!

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We serve a variety of small commercial spaces and offices, including

  • Medical offices
  • Executive offices
  • Assisted living spaces
  • Daycare centers
  • Office buildings
  • And more....

Our business cleaning services are designed to maximize workspace functionality and efficiency. Contact us at (832) 934-9569 to learn more

Commercial Cleaning Services

Maid Right employees standing back to backAt Maid Right of Katy, our commercial cleaning contractors always come with the necessary tools and supplies, ready to dust and sanitize your entire building from top to bottom. A well-maintained building keeps staff happy and customers coming, and a clean environment will better elicit excellent customer experiences, raving reviews, and efficient employees. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality commercial cleaning service available for your commercial building, while also protecting the environment.

Green and Eco-friendly Cleaning

Our green cleaning process is eco-friendly! As strong advocates of environmental health, we don’t believe in using harmful cleaning chemicals that could damage the climate and ecosystem. Instead, we use cleaning supplies that are certified as safe and clean for the environment, thus ensuring your officespace and the environment at large are better off.

We also use a disinfecting system that is hospital-grade, because we know that germs can run rampant in large commercial buildings. Additionally, our vacuum filters are green-friendly and actively improve the air quality in your home during cleaning; read more about our green cleaning here!

Professional Office Cleaning

We offer two cleaning services for offices in Katy: recurring cleaning and one-time cleaning. Our one-time cleaning is the perfect final step in your preparations for visiting clients; if you’re looking to keep your building clean on a regular basis, our recurring cleaning services can maintain the quality of your office building!

what does commercial cleaning consist of?

Maid Right of Katy offers customized solutions to fit the needs of your business. Below is a list of the benefits of our commercial building cleaning services followed by what services we offer:

  • Total Office Disinfection – with MR Shield® disinfection system. This state-of-the-art, proprietary system delivers medical-strength, non-toxic disinfection and odor removal. Thanks to its exclusive misting technology, MR Shield® wraps every surface in your office with a residue free disinfectant.
  • Improved Air Quality – through our ProTeam backpack vacuums with HEPA 4 filtration process
  • Eliminate Cross-contamination – we help prevent germ transfer by use of color-coded microfiber cloths and mops
  • Bonded and Insured – All of our cleaning teams are bonded and insured
  • Professionally Trained Cleaners

General Cleaning:

  • Empty waste receptacles and replace plastic liners
  • High Dusting: Dust surfaces above 60”, including tops of partitions, cabinets, desks, pictures, clocks and shelves, air vent return grills
  • Low Dusting: Dust chair bases, table legs, baseboards, & office furniture
  • Miscellaneous Dusting: blinds, door frames, window ledges, & shelves
  • Glass doors: cleaning the glass and disinfecting surfaces

Floor Maintenance:

  • Vacuum all surfaces
  • Dust mop and damp mop all hard surfaces


  • Clean and polish restroom dispensers, fixtures, metal, and mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets & urinals
  • Spot clean walls and partitions
  • Wash restroom floor with appropriate cleanser
  • Wash restroom partitions with germicidal cleaner


  • Clean sink/ countertop
  • Wipe down tables, microwave & refrigerator
  • Spot clean chairs & cabinets

Additional services available upon request.

We are not limited to those options—we can either give your office a deep clean or just a quick service if you’re pressed for time. We are experienced in cleaning windows, furniture, and specific features unique to commercial buildings. Whether a client-used space or private office, Maid Right of Katy can take of your cleaning needs!

Embrace a Cleaner Work Space

To review, here are some of the most common reasons for having your commercial building professionally cleaned:

  • Increased comfort and productivity – No employee wants to work surrounded by clutter, so dusting items and organizing desks leads to higher productivity. Also, an organized space helps organize the mind for efficient work habits.
  • Healthier employees – A dirty environment inevitably leads to sicker employees. Letting us clean your office can reduce allergies and prevent general illnesses like colds.
  • Better aesthetics – Clean offices simply look nice. Employees will be proud to work in the office and clients or customers walking through will be impressed.

If you are in need of commercial cleaning services, call (832) 934-9569 or click here for a free estimate from a member of the Maid Right of Katy team!

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