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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Residential Cleaner in East Cobb

maid right of miami starting on summer cleaning checklist Are you wondering why you should hire a residential cleaner when you’re capable of cleaning your East Cobb home by yourself? There are numerous benefits to working with a professional housekeeping company. Not only can a professional cleaner save you time, hiring them can also ensure that the job is done right. At Maid Right®of Marietta, we offer housekeeping services in East Cobb, Kennesaw, Marietta, and the surrounding communities. Read on to learn some of the reasons our customers in East Cobb prefer hiring a residential cleaner to take over their housekeeping responsibilities.

Working with a Residential Cleaner in East Cobb

Here are just a few of the reasons families and homeowners throughout the East Cobb area turn to Maid Right of Marietta for their home cleaning needs:

  • We bring our own supplies. Whole-home cleaning requires a variety of different cleaning supplies to get the job done. It’s also important to have working equipment like a vacuum cleaner that often requires expensive maintenance. Our Cleaning Pros bring their own cleaning supplies on every visit, saving you time and money on purchasing your own cleaning formulas and materials.
  • We focus on the details. In-depth cleaning takes time, and it’s easy to want to skip small or hard-to-reach areas like the baseboards and ceiling fans. A residential cleaner in East Cobb will ensure that all these areas are thoroughly dusted and cleaned, saving you from the exhausting work of frequent dusting. At Maid Right of Marietta, we’re also detail-oriented in our approach to disinfection. That’s why we work with an exclusive cleaning system called MR Shield®. MR Shield®utilizes a misting applicator to treat your home from floor to ceiling, including tough spots like door knobs, cabinet handles, keyboards, and light switches.
  • We help you get your free time back. When’s the last time you were able to sit back and relax in a freshly cleaned home? Chances are if you’re spending your free time cleaning your house, you don’t have much extra time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A residential cleaner in East Cobb can take over your cleaning task list, giving you the freedom to use your free time for your other priorities.

Get started with our housekeeping services in East Cobb, Kennesaw, Marietta, and the surrounding communities to experience the benefits of working with a professional residential cleaner. Call Maid Right of Marietta today at (678) 661-5094 to learn more.

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