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Odor-Busting Residential Cleaning in East Cobb

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Are unwanted odors in your East Cobb, GA home driving you crazy? There are many factors that can cause lingering household odors. Some of these include household pets, cooking residues, excessive dust build-up, and the spread of germs and bacteria. At Maid Right®of Marietta, we understand how frustrating it can be to live with unwanted odors. That’s why we provide odor-busting residential cleaning services in East Cobb, Kennesaw, Marietta, and the surrounding communities. Our Cleaning Pros use experienced techniques, superior products, and our advanced Maid Right Technics®cleaning system to get your home smelling clean and fresh.

How Our Residential Cleaning Service Gets Rid of Odors

Have you scrubbed your entire home only to find that those residual odors are still lingering? If so, you may benefit from working with our professional residential cleaning service in East Cobb. Here are just a few of the methods we use to conquer even the most stubborn odor problems for homes throughout the East Cobb area:

  • Disinfection with an exclusive cleaning system. You’ll only find MR Shield®, our exclusive disinfecting system, in the East Cobb, Kennesaw, and Marietta area through our residential cleaning services at Maid Right of Marietta. MR Shield®kills odor-causing bacteria, as well as 99.99% of other germs and viruses, on contact. Using a unique misting application process, MR Shield®treats even those hard-to-clean surfaces in your home, providing you with floor-to-ceiling disinfection and odor neutralization.
  • Fresh-smelling cleaning products. Some residential cleaning services work with harmful chemical substances like bleach and ammonia to fight bacteria and grime. However, these chemicals can leave toxic residues and harsh, odorous fumes in your home. Rather than leave behind unpleasant smells, our residential cleaning service chooses non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents that are effective against germs and dirt while leaving your home smelling spring-fresh.
  • Air filtration with ProTeam vacuums.Are you dealing with musty odors and air that feels stuffy or stale? Indoor air filtration can help improve your indoor air quality and get your home smelling fresh again. Our Cleaning Pros in East Cobb use high-tech ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to reduce indoor air pollution by filtering out harmful airborne particles like excess dust, dander, and irritating allergens. The result is fresher, cleaner indoor air and a healthier home environment.

Experience the difference that a professional residential cleaning service can make for your home’s odor problem. Call Maid Right of Marietta today at (678) 661-5094 to learn more about scheduling a free in-home consultation in East Cobb, Kennesaw, Marietta, or the surrounding communities.

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