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Residential Cleaning and Disinfection in Marietta

MR ShieldAt Maid Right® of Marietta, we understand that just because a home has a clean appearance, that doesn’t mean it’s germ-free. When we provide any residential cleaning in Marietta, Kennesaw, or East Cobb, we use Maid Right Technics®, our full suite of proprietary cleaning services, to ensure your home is spotless. The same state-of-the-art technology we use in your home is also used in hospitals and daycare centers to eliminate germs and bacteria for a healthier and cleaner space.

MR Shield®: Revolutionary Residential Cleaning Technology

You may not realize it, but every day, many invisible germs, bacteria, and viruses are tracked through your home. These common particles can be tough to get rid of with regular household cleaning products. That’s why Maid Right of Marietta uses MR Shield®, our state-of-the-art disinfection system, for every residential cleaning. With MR Shield®, we can eliminate 99.99% of the many bacteria and viruses that may have found their way into your home, including E. coli, H1N1, and other harmful organisms.

Protecting and Disinfecting Marietta Households

MR Shield At Maid Right of Marietta, safety matters to us. That’s why we’re proud to use MR Shield®, which has a Category 4 rating from the EPA – the highest possible rating for eco-friendliness and safety. The gentle and non-toxic MR Shield® can be safely used in rooms for newborns, children, allergy-sufferers, and pets. With a revolutionary misting spray technology, MR Shield® wraps around all surfaces in your home, including the hard-to-reach and difficult-to-clean ones like carpets, children’s toys, keyboards, and furniture. Not only does it eliminate germs and bacteria, it also gets rid of unpleasant odors such as pet smells and smoke, making your home a sweeter place for your loved ones.

Marietta’s Residential Cleaning Company of Choice

MR Shield® is just one of the many extraordinary products Maid Right of Marietta uses in our residential cleanings. Our full suite of technology includes:

  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. To vacuum stairs, floors, and underneath furniture while purifying the air you breathe.
  • Microfiber Mop Tops and Cloths. Color-coded to prevent cross-contamination in your home.
  • Green Seal™ Products. Keeping your house clean and germ-free without damaging the environment.

With each visit, we insist upon delivering a rigorous, detail-oriented cleaning and a spotless home.

Get a happy and healthy home in Marietta, Kennesaw, or East Cobb with our residential cleaning services. Call Maid Right of Marietta today at (678) 661-5094 to learn more and to book our services.

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