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Choosing the Best Residential Cleaning Services for Your Home in Mesa

residential cleaning services Are you in search of residential cleaning services for your home in Mesa or Tempe, AZ? If you’re in the process of selecting a home cleaning company, you may be overwhelmed by the many details you have to wade through. At Maid Right® of Greater Phoenix, we understand that choosing the right residential cleaning services for your home in Mesa can be a complicated task. Not only do you want to receive a high-quality clean, but you also want to ensure that the cleaning company puts your needs and preferences first.

Questions to Ask Residential Cleaning Services in Mesa

Researching the various residential cleaning services in Mesa and Tempe may take some time. As you narrow down your list of potential companies to work with, consider these questions in order to choose the best fit for you:

  • What types of cleaning products does the service use? Some residential cleaning services use harsh chemical cleaners as part of their cleaning routine. At Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, we use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective at combating germs, without harming the planet or your health. For example, our exclusive MR Shield® disinfecting system is EPA-approved, and our eco-friendly bathroom detergents have received Green Seal™ certification.
  • Does the company provide personalized cleaning services? Our team in Mesa believes that each family or homeowner has unique cleaning needs. That’s why we provide personalized cleaning plans for each of our clients. In addition, we offer add-on services to those whose cleaning needs go beyond our core cleaning checklist. Whether you require detail cleaning of large kitchen appliances or another specific cleaning task, we can create a plan that covers your needs and preferences.
  • How do the cleaners fight cross-contamination? All residential cleaning services must address the risk of cross-contamination and prevent the spread of bacteria. Our Cleaning Pros use an innovative color-coded cleaning system so cleaning materials used in your bathrooms never touch your kitchen countertops.
  • Does the service take advantage of advanced technology in its cleaning processes? At Maid Right of Greater Phoenix, we’re proud to bring some of the most cutting-edge cleaning systems into your home. Our whole-home disinfecting system, ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums, and microfiber cleaning materials help us exceed your expectations for residential cleaning services.

Could our residential cleaning services be the right fit for your home in Mesa or Tempe? Call Maid Right of Greater Phoenix today at (480) 530-5340 to get started with a free consultation.

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