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Maid Right® of Glendale AZ: Choosing Between Housekeeping CompaniesMaid Right team member looking at a brochure

When deciding between housekeeping companies, it can be tough to navigate your options. From comparing rates and services, to screening potential cleaners, to determining which housekeeping companies have your best cleaning interests at heart, it’s sometimes difficult to measure one cleaner over another. At Maid Right of Glendale AZ, we represent exacting, high-quality home cleaning services, and distinguish ourselves with services and standards you won’t find with other housekeeping companies.

One of the toughest decisions when evaluating housekeeping companies can be choosing between an independent cleaner and a larger housekeeping company. With independents, your cleaner is directly invested in your services in a way that rarely happens with larger companies. Meanwhile, larger housekeeping companies offer standards, support, and guarantees you can’t get from an independent cleaner. But at Maid Right of Glendale AZ, we give you the best of both worlds.

As part of the Maid Right brand of housekeeping companies, our owner is directly involved with your housekeeping services on a clean-by-clean basis. With Maid Right of Glendale AZ, you can rest assured the same team will always handle your maid cleanings. Our services also bring the standards and proven support that come with a leading, international brand like Maid Right. With Maid Right of Glendale AZ, you know only the safest and most effective cleaning systems and products will be used in your home.

How safe and effective? Take our MR Shield® system as an example. We’re the only housekeeping company in the Glendale and Scottsdale area with access to MR Shield®, the housekeeping industry’s most advanced system for disinfection. MR Shield®’s disinfectant has been rated Level IV by the EPA, the gentlest rating possible for any EPA-rated product. That rating means MR Shield® is safe for people, pets, and small children. Even more importantly, MR Shield® has a hospital-strength knockout rate of 99% for germs, bacteria, viruses, and other MRSA, making your home a safer, healthier place.

We also use HEPA vacuums that improve air quality by filtering particles as small at 0.3 microns from the air in your home. Additionally, we use color-coded cleaning materials that make sure the microfiber cloths we use to clean your bathrooms are never used elsewhere in your home.

At Maid Right of Glendale AZ, we also offer the strongest guarantee among Glendale and Scottsdale area housekeeping companies. With our guarantee, if you spot a problem area, simply call us within 24 hours of any cleaning to report it. We’ll return within 48 hours of receiving your call to fix the issue.

Put your trust in the personal touch and proven systems that come with Maid Right of Glendale AZ. Call us today at (480) 530-5340 to find out why we are one of the top-rated housekeeping companies in the area.

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