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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Our House Cleaning Service in Scottsdale Fixes Common Cleaning Mistakes

best house cleaning service Are your cleaning efforts stymied by common mistakes? At Maid Right® of North Phoenix, we offer professional house cleaning services for homes throughout the Scottsdale area to help our customers avoid common cleaning errors. Our Cleaning Pros have undergone extensive training in the Maid Right Signature Clean® system so you receive the high-quality results you’d expect from housekeeping experts. Whether you’re based in Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, or another North Phoenix community, we look forward to increasing your home’s level of cleanliness.

Mistake-Free House Cleaning Services in Scottsdale

Are you prone to making the following housekeeping mistakes? When you rely on our house cleaning services, you can avoid these common cleaning blunders:

  • Using too much product. With certain cleaning agents, a little goes a long way. Using too much product can not only increase the amount you spend on expensive formulas, but it can also harm sensitive surfaces. Our Cleaning Pros practice the “less is more” philosophy, which not only allows the product to work as intended, but also increases the eco-friendliness of our cleaning services.
  • Working with one cleaning cloth throughout your home. Using the same cleaning cloth in multiple areas of your house can result in cross-contamination and a streaky finish. In order to clean your home properly, you need to invest in multiple cleaning cloths and wash them thoroughly after each clean. At Maid Right ® of North Phoenix, we’ve implemented a color-coded cleaning system to prevent cross-contamination and ensure we’re using fresh cleaning cloths in each area of your home.
  • Overlooking high-touch areas. Do you often forget to thoroughly disinfect high-touch surfaces such as computer keyboards, light switches, door handles, and faucets? These areas are generally prone to person-to-person germ transfer, meaning they should be the focus of your disinfection efforts. Our exclusive disinfection system, called MR Shield®, easily eliminates germs on these surfaces with its high-tech misting applicator and non-toxic formula.
  • Cleaning without a set schedule. Dust and dirt accumulate quickly, and a set cleaning schedule is typically needed to prevent grimy build-up. Hiring a recurring cleaning service can give you the freedom to enjoy your free time without worrying about cleaning.

Get started with our house cleaning service in Scottsdale, AZ today. Call Maid Right ® of North Phoenix at (480) 530-5340 to hear more about our cleaning services in Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, and other North Phoenix communities.

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