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Phoenix Post-Construction Cleaning

We will move the dirt and dust out—so you can move in.

Clean house after post construction project Hearing that your newly built home is ready to move into is exciting news. However, once you realize that the construction crew has left behind significant amounts of dust and debris, your spirits may be dampened. Get the help of a professional cleaning company to turn a construction site into the home of your dreams. At Maid Right® of North Phoenix, our post-construction cleaning services go above and beyond to take care of every last detail so your family can move into a clean, comfortable new home.

What is included in post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning can be a huge headache for a small family moving into a new home. We can provide the following services to prepare your home for residency:

  • Cleaning walls: We will remove any dust, dirt, smudges or scuffs that have accumulated on the walls.
  • Dust ceilings and ceiling fans: Construction can leave heavy layers of dust that can seriously aggravate allergies. We can help reduce the level of dust so your home feels fresh.
  • Cleaning trim: We will wipe and clean baseboards, window frames and door frames.
  • Dusting woodwork: We will take care of dust that has collected on handrails and mantels.
  • Cleaning doors: We will clean the sides and tops of doors and door hinges and remove paint and mud if necessary.
  • Clean interior masonry: We will make sure your brickwork is free from dirt or leftover construction debris.
  • Vacuuming: We will clean up any layers of dust in the carpet, especially around the edges.
  • Cleaning floors: Along with general sweep and mop, we will only use green products when cleaning cleaning floors.
  • Cleaning windows, shutters, and blinds: We will make sure the glass, tracks, and frames are all properly cleaned and ready for use. We will also make sure blinds and shutters are free from dirt.
  • Cleaning light fixtures and bulbs: We will make sure ceiling lights and hard-to-reach fixtures are clean.
  • Cleaning Bathrooms: We will polish bathroom fixtures and basins for a shining appearance.
  • Cleaning electrical switches and outlets: We will make sure that electrical outlets are free from dust.
  • Cabinets & closets: We will clean the insides of drawers, closets, and cabinets, as well as the tops of cabinets and shelves, and underneath drawers.
  • Miscellaneous dirt: Removing stray scuffs, smudges, and paint, as well as caked on dirt and mud.
  • Dispose of all trash: We will be sure to clear out any waste left behind by the construction company.

Why Maid Right Is a First Choice Cleaning Company in Phoenix

Our house cleaning services clients in the Scottsdale and Glendale areas benefit from Maid Right Signature Clean® in the following ways:

  • Stronger Planning. Under Signature Clean®, we custom-craft a house cleaning service plan for every homeowner we serve in the Scottsdale AZ and Glendale AZ area.
  • Owner-Led Cleanings. To meet Signature Clean® standards, we have one of our owners lead every cleaning of your home, and use the same team on every visit.
  • Service Checklists. We outline the services you can expect with room-by-room checklists, then use these checklists to reinforce our Signature Clean® standards.
  • Better, Safer Products. Maid Right Signature Clean® outlines the kinds of products we use, including color-coded microfiber materials and HEPA-filter vacuums.
  • Eco-Friendliness. All house cleaning services delivered in Scottsdale AZ and Glendale AZ under Signature Clean® use exclusively eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.
  • Please call us at (480) 530-5340 for more details on post-construction cleaning in Phoenix.
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