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Enviro-Mist® Residential Cleaning Services in Reno

Enviro-Mist®When homeowners in the Reno area choose residential cleaning services from Maid Right® of Reno, they’re choosing a clean that goes beyond what the eye can see. Thanks to our exclusive Enviro-Mist® disinfection system, our cleaners are able to completely eliminate invisible bacteria and viruses wherever they’re found in your home. Best of all, it’s completely eco-friendly and family-safe.

Residential Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Enviro-Mist® is an indispensable part of the residential cleaning services offered by Maid Right of Reno. Our cleaners know how dangerous — and pervasive — germs can be in a home environment. Dangerous bacteria like e. coli and salmonella hang out in everyday places like your kitchen sink and are easily transferred to other areas in your home. That makes proper disinfection and essential part of any home cleaning service.

Available in Reno exclusively through our residential cleaning services, Enviro-Mist® offers a number of key advantages over other home disinfection systems.

  • Performance. Enviro-Mist® uses a disinfectant that eliminates over 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses on contact, effectively wiping out harmful germs in an instant. Dangerous household contagions like c. difficile, e. coli, and the norovirus are neutralized with a single application.
  • Coverage. Enviro-Mist® uses an application system specially built to ensure total surface disinfection. When activated, Enviro-Mist® releases a disinfecting mist that wraps around treated surfaces and penetrates into nooks and crannies. This application system means that Enviro-Mist® can be used to disinfect everything from door handles to computer keyboard to carpeting.
  • Safety. Unlike most common disinfectants, the solution used in Enviro-Mist® produces zero harsh fumes or toxic by-products. In fact, Enviro-Mist’s® disinfectant has been awarded the EPA’s highest rating for safety and eco-friendliness. Enviro-Mist® can even be used in households where family members have allergies or respiratory difficulties, all without causing any irritation.

Reno’s Trusted Residential Cleaning Service

Enviro-Mist® is just one of many advantages offered by our residential cleaning services. With proven cleaning systems like Maid Right Signature Clean®, advanced cleaning equipment like our ProTeam air filtration vacuums, and smarter cleaning strategies like our color-coded materials, our residential cleaning services bring a deeper clean to homes in the Reno area.

Schedule a free residential cleaning service estimate for your home and discover a deeper clean with Maid Right of Reno. Call (775) 200-1208 today to schedule your estimate.

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