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Richmond House Deep Cleaning Services

Clean kitchen and living room

Are you trying to get into the routine of deep cleaning in Richmond? At Maid Right® of Richmond, our Cleaning Pros offer in-depth cleaning services in Richmond, Brandermill, Bon Air, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and nearby towns that can help keep your home free of gunk and grime. Whether you want to prepare for the arrival of a guest, get ready for a special event, or simply keep your living area feeling fresh and healthy, we can help. Read on for our tips for creating a deep cleaning plan in Richmond for your home.

Our Guide for Deep Cleaning in Richmond

If you consider deep cleaning to be an ordeal that needs to be completed in one go once or twice a year, you may feel overwhelmed simply thinking about how you’ll get it all done. Fortunately, there’s a better approach to in-depth cleaning. At Maid Right of Richmond, we recommend breaking this process up into cycles, such as weekly, monthly, and bi-yearly, and cleaning on a room-by-room basis.

Here are a few room-specific guidelines to help you get started:

  • Bathrooms. In order to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus in your bathrooms, in-depth cleaning should be done as often as possible. In addition to scrubbing your shower or bathtub, wiping down the mirror and other hard surfaces, and mopping the floors, you’ll also want to throw your bathmats into the wash.
  • Kitchen. Stubborn gunk, grime, and unpleasant odors can accumulate quickly in your kitchen if you cook frequently, but fail to deep clean on a regular basis. Make an effort to mop the floors and scrub the stove, sink, countertops, and microwave as often as possible to get rid of stains and build-up.
  • Living areas. Homeowners with small children or pets should consider vacuuming as often as possible. We also recommend performing detailed dusting of all hard surfaces in your living areas, especially overlooked spaces like the baseboards and blinds.

Let us help you with deep cleaning in Richmond, Brandermill, Bon Air, Glen Allen, Midlothian, or a neighboring community. Give Maid Right of Richmond a call today at (804) 376-5442 to book a free consultation for your home.

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