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Get Guest-Ready with a Richmond TX Housekeeping Company

Do you often host visitors at your home in Richmond TX? Perhaps you enjoy having guests over for small gatherings, dinner parties, or other types of events. Or you may have family or friends who drop by for unexpected overnight visits. If you don’t have Maid Right Employeestime for frequent deep cleans, you may worry about whether your home is guest-ready. By working with a professional housekeeping company in Richmond TX, such as Maid Right® of Richmond TX, you can keep your home dust-free and guest-ready at all times.

How Our Housekeeping Company Gets Your Home Guest-Ready

At Maid Right of Richmond TX, we’re a local housekeeping company with extensive experience in the industry. Our team of Cleaning Pros comes prepared with high-tech cleaning systems, experienced techniques, and eco-friendly cleaning formulas to give your home a thorough clean your guests will notice. Here’s our approach to helping families and homeowners throughout Richmond TX keep their homes dust-free and spotless for their guests:

  • We deliver floor-to-ceiling disinfection. It’s important to maintain a sanitary home environment. Not only do you want to prevent your guests from picking up a bug at your house, but you also want to stop the spread of illness to your family. Our housekeeping company in Richmond TX has exclusive access to MR Shield®, an extremely effective and high-tech disinfecting system. MR Shield® eliminates 99.99% of illness-causing bacteria and viruses on contact using an innovative misting application system that cleans even those hard-to-treat areas.
  • We neutralize stubborn residual odors. You can throw away that overpowering fragrance spray for good. Our housekeeping company will knock out lingering odors so your home can simply smell fresh. MR Shield® eliminates even the most stubborn smells for a clean start, while our Green Seal™ certified detergents provide you with a delicate spring-fresh scent.
  • We filter your indoor air for reduced air pollution. Our professional housekeeping company gives your guests a breath of fresh air by filtering out indoor air pollution, including particles like dust, pet dander, and allergens, using innovative ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums. The result is a cleaner, fresher home environment and air that is easier for sensitive lungs to breathe.

Is it time for you to partner with a professional housekeeping company in Richmond TX to get your home guest-ready? Contact Maid Right of Richmond TX today at (804) 376-5442 to schedule a free in-home cleaning consultation with our cleaning experts.

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