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Our House Cleaning Services in Short Pump Fix Common Cleaning Mistakes

house cleaning services From misinformation in the media to outdated cleaning techniques passed down through generations, there are many reasons why cleaning mistakes are still prevalent in people’s cleaning routines. Turn to Maid Right®of Richmond to right your cleaning wrongs and leave your home in Short Pump a clean and healthy place for your family. We have our team of Cleaning Pros undergoes rigorous training and testing to ensure their cleaning methods are mistake-free. In addition, we work with state-of-the-art cleaning tools that provide a higher level of cleanliness than traditional cleaning techniques. Whether you live in Short Pump, Glen Allen, Brandermill, Bon Air, Midlothian, or a nearby area, we can help keep your home clean. Read on for details about some of the most common cleaning mistakes and how we fix them.

Mistake-Free House Cleaning Services in Short Pump

Could any of the following mistakes be preventing your home from being as clean as it could be?

  • Using one rag for cleaning throughout your home. It’s important to implement cross-contamination prevention strategies to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses in your home. After all, your cleaning efforts are supposed to do away with germs, not help them proliferate. Use a different cleaning cloth for each area of your house to keep cross-contamination at bay. Our Cleaning Pros use a color-coded system to categorize cleaning materials and prevent cross-contamination in our cleaning services.
  • Neglecting high-touch, bacteria-prone surfaces. You may think of your bathrooms and kitchen as the most germ-prone areas of your home. However, surfaces that are touched regularly tend to harbor bacteria and viruses, too. These include remote controls, light switches, computer keyboards, and door handles. Make sure you cover these areas to get the most out of your cleaning routine. Our house cleaning service offers state-of-the-art disinfection with MR Shield®, our exclusive disinfection system, to thoroughly treat high-touch surfaces.
  • Applying too much cleaning product. With certain cleaning agents, sometimes less is more. In addition to cutting your cleaning costs, using a smaller volume of product is generally better for the environment. Our Cleaning Pros utilize professional techniques that allow us to minimize the amount of cleaning products we use while still providing clean results.

Learn more about getting started with our house cleaning services by calling Maid Right® of Richmond at (804) 376-5442 to arrange a free consultation in Short Pump, Glen Allen, Brandermill, Bon Air, Midlothian, or a surrounding community.

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