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House Cleaning in Richmond

Residential Cleaning Professionals

If thoroughly cleaning your home feels like a monumental task that you can never quite get around to, professional home cleaning services may be the perfect solution for you. Busy schedules, family responsibilities, and everyday chores can leave very little time for a cleaning regimen. Maid Right of Richmond offers customized home cleaning plans that can help bring more simplicity and balance to a busy lifestyle.

At Maid Right of Richmond, our branded systems, in-depth processes, and customer-driven approach to cleaning ensure that your overall experience is simple and satisfying. We’re proud to provide our clients with improved living environments that are safer, healthier, and more comfortable for the whole family.


Take a look at some tried-and-true procedures and meticulous processes that enables our team at Maid Right® of Richmond to deliver the high-quality results that make us trusted choice for house cleaning services in Richmond:

  • We utilize tools from the Maid Right Technics® suite of innovations. Our state-of-the-art tools allow us to clean deeper than outdated techniques or old-fashioned equipment. From our MR Shield® disinfection system, which eliminates 99% of germs on all types of surfaces, to our microfiber cleaning cloths, each of our tools works to make your home a healthier place. Even our vacuums go the extra mile by getting rid of indoor air pollution as they clean hard floors and carpets.
  • We deliver a measurable clean with help from the Maid Right Tracker®. Our branded tracking system is invaluable thanks to its ability to track our cleaning performance and quantify the results that we provide for our customers. It also keeps us up-to-date with our clients’ fluctuating needs and preferences.
  • We follow the Maid Right Signature Clean® procedures for comprehensive results. This program guides each one of our cleaning visits with its meticulous processes and sky-high standards. Our cleaning pros are certified Signature Clean® experts and work with us on every clean to ensure we’re following it to the letter.


Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a household cleaning company like Maid Right of Richmond:

The use of cutting-edge technologies.

As a homeowner, you’re probably still cleaning your home with outdated equipment and materials. At Maid Right of Richmond, we’re renowned for our innovative Maid Right Technics® cleaning processes. Maid Right Technics® includes our exclusive MR Shield® disinfection system, high-tech ProTeam vacuums equipped with HEPA filters, and microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads. These advanced systems deliver a high-caliber clean that’s free of germs, dust, and dirt – results that old-fashioned cleaning methods simply can’t match.

Eco-friendly cleaning with safe and effective products.

Do you still reach for the bleach or ammonia when giving your Richmond home a thorough clean? Caustic chemicals like these aren’t just bad for the environment, but they’re also detrimental to your health. Professional cleaning services know to use safe and effective non-toxic cleaning agents for a superior clean without the harmful consequences. For example, our biodegradable bathroom detergents are Green Seal™ certified, and MR Shield® has received the EPA’s highest rating for safety.

Household cleaning that is fast and efficient.

How long would it take you to give your home in Richmond a thorough clean? Are you able to spend that much time cleaning on a regular basis? Working with a professional household cleaning company allows you to enjoy the benefits of a clean home without having to put in large amounts of time or effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home for the cleaning service?

No, we understand you have a busy schedule. We do not require you be present for the cleaning service. In most cases, a spare key or garage opener is given to let one of our insured staff members can get in for the cleaning service.

What is MR Shield?

MR Shield® eliminates 99.99 percent of household germs, including bacteria like E. coli and viruses like the flu. It neutralizes odors from cooking, smoking, and pets, and it’s completely safe and eco-friendly. MR Shield® releases electrostatically-charged particles that float down, land, and wrap around untreated objects and hard-to-reach or tough-to-clean spaces. This proprietary misting system continues to clean and disinfect for 48 hours, resulting in a level of germ- and odor-free clean you won’t find with any other provider.

Do you provide cleaning services to apartments?

Yes we do! Whether it is for move-in or move-out services, or you living in an apartment and would like someone else to take care of the up-keep, Maid Right of Richmond is available for you!

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