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At Maid Right® of Richmond TX, we believe that homeowners can have it all. Our owner-operators are eager to give you the best of both worlds: the highly accountable, highly personalized, highly detailed services of a small business, combined with the latest technology and research of a larger company. With our cleaning services, getting a clean, healthy home in Richmond TX has never been easier.

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Trust the familiarity of the same dedicated cleaner, every time. Our engaged owners are committed to a quality clean.

Thorough, detailed clean.

Our Maid Right trademarked process and our exclusive disinfecting system provide a thorough, detailed clean that protects all areas of your home while removing odors.

Life is short. Clean less.

Choosing Maid Right as your residential cleaning service allows you to focus on what matters most, without worrying about the mess.

“I like having the same cleaner each time. They understand my needs and routine.” – Michelle Connell

“I like the different color-coded micro-fiber cloths, the consistency every visit and the communications. It’s not like this with the other services I’ve used. I love that Linda and I have multiple ways to communicate with each other. She leaves me notes in our log book and takes extra care with my home. I would definitely recommend Maid Right to others.” – Karry Swann

“I can smell the cleanliness. Everything is spotless. I know our house has been cleaned with Enviro-Mist, protecting our family from getting sick.” – Debra Curry

The Benefits of Our Richmond TX Cleaning Services

Why choose Maid Right of Richmond TX? With our cleaning services, you’ll get:

  • A cleaning plan just for your home. We’ll inspect your home and design a room-by-room cleaning plan that’s calibrated to your home and your family, incorporating your valuable input.
  • Cleaners who truly care. We’re personally invested in every clean. That’s why one of our owner-operators will personally supervise each visit, so you’ll always get spectacular results.
  • A healthy, germ-free home. We’ll eliminate the countless invisible bacteria, germs, odors, and dust particles in your home, so your family can be healthier and safer.
  • A cleaning guarantee. We insist upon excellence with every visit. So if you’re ever displeased with our work, just let us know and we’ll quickly correct the issue. It’s our guarantee.

Our Nationally Renowned Cleaning Processes

With Maid Right of Richmond TX, you’ll get access to the state-of-the-art methods and technologies of our national cleaning service. This time-tested system has three tiers:

  • Maid Right Signature Clean®. We live by these high brand standards and principles, so you’ll always get an unparalleled level of service from our cleaners.
  • Maid Right Technics®. To deliver a deeper clean and results that last, we use powerfully effective cleaning products and solutions that are also used in hospitals, daycare centers, and dental offices.
  • Maid Right Tracker®. We measure and grade each visit, so we can always meet or exceed your expectations. That way, you’ll always get consistently exceptional results with every clean.

Our Exceptional Cleaning Products

At Maid Right of Richmond TX, we believe in a deeper clean. That’s why our cleaning services use powerful, impactful technologies to deliver results that last. These highly effective products include:

  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. Our quiet vacuum systems will also filter out the impurities in your air, making your home more breathable for your family.
  • Green Seal™-Certified Cleaning Solutions. We care about your family’s future. That’s why we use impactful cleaning products that are tough on grime but easy on the environment.
  • Enviro-Mist®. Our patented disinfection system uses a gentle misting spray to eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and germs from all surfaces in your home, even the tough-to-clean ones.

Let’s get you started. Call Maid Right of Richmond TX at (832) 532-4925 to set up your cleaning services today. 

House Cleaning Services from Maid Right of Richmond, TX

“As a Maid Right owner, I bring exceptional home cleaning services to your home each time I visit. Instead of cleaners that come and go every few weeks, I learn your exact cleaning preferences and you receive my personal attention with every clean. To learn more about other unique Maid Right benefits , click here.”

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