Richmond TX’s Signature Clean® Home Cleaning Services

When you choose Maid Right of Richmond TX® as your home cleaning service, you’re getting the benefit of our unparalleled Maid Right Signature Clean®. It’s how we give you responsive, reliable services, full home coverage with our disinfection services, and more powerful home cleanings. Maid Right Signature Clean® includes the highly detailed, rigorous brand standards program that allows you to get the Maid Right advantage, an industry standard in home cleanings.

Home Cleaning Services with Full Accountability

With Maid Right Signature Clean®, you’ll get access to highly attentive, high-caliber home cleaning services that are designed specifically for your Richmond TX home. We’ll custom-build a cleaning plan that takes your home’s unique requirements and your special requests into account. We’re personally invested in your home’s clean, which is why one of our owner-operators will always personally oversee every aspect of your services, from our initial consultation to our subsequent home cleanings. For consistently spotless results, we use the same team of expert cleaners, who will be well-versed in your home’s unique cleaning plan. It all adds up to a more accountable, more targeted approach for home cleanings.

Our Disinfection Services for Richmond TX

At Maid Right of Richmond TX, we believe in providing full-coverage home cleaning services. Every day, countless invisible bacteria and germs are tracked in through your front door, accumulating on the surfaces of your home. With our Maid Right Signature Clean®, we promise full disinfection services for your home.

To achieve a truly exceptional clean, we use Enviro-Mist®, our hospital-grade disinfection system that wraps a misting spray around surfaces in your home, even difficult-to-reach ones like keyboards, children’s toys, and carpeting. Enviro-Mist® can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs from your surfaces for a truly healthy, truly clean home.

A Better Home Cleaning Service for Richmond TX

Your home is your family’s haven. That’s why it’s important to have a housekeeping service that can clean your home without toxic or harmful chemicals. With Maid Right Signature Clean®, we’re able to ensure that our products aren’t just safe for your home, but safe for the environment as well. We use products that are tested and certified by third-party environmental agencies. Our detergents are Green Seal™-certified, while our disinfectants are highly rated by the EPA for their safety and non-toxicity. With Maid Right of Richmond TX, you’ll get a deeper, gentler clean.

Get the benefits of Maid Right Signature Clean®. To set up a consultation for home cleaning services, contact Maid Right of Richmond TX at (832) 532-4925.