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House Cleaning Tips to Sell Your Alpharetta Home

Woman wiping counter showing house cleaning tips in AlpharettaAre you getting ready to sell your house in the Alpharetta area? One of the first steps you need to take to get your home buyer-ready is give it a deep clean. After all, potential buyers want to envision themselves living in your house, and that’s hard to do if it’s full of dust, dirt, and clutter. At Maid Right of Roswell, our team of experts have some house cleaning tips to help you get started with the cleaning process. Read on for our experts’ house cleaning tips to help you stage your Alpharetta home in preparation for selling.

Our House Cleaning Tips to Make Your Alpharetta Home Shine

While you likely have a normal routine for cleaning your Alpharetta home that gets the job done, it’s important to clean deeply and thoroughly before showing your house to potential buyers. Stray window streaks, shower scum, mold, and indoor air quality are all issues that need to be addressed to get your house buyer-ready. In addition, it’s critical that you take time to de-clutter. Here are a few other house cleaning tips to help you during the pre-staging process:

  • Do a last-minute walk-through. Even if you think you’ve thoroughly purged your home of unnecessary items, perform a last-minute walk-through to pick up stray objects before you show your house to potential buyers. Carry a laundry basket and throw in things that may have slipped your mind before, such as half-used toiletries, phone chargers, magazines, and family photos. This house cleaning tip can ensure that potential buyers aren’t distracted by these personal objects as they view your home.
  • Take care of odors. One of the first things people notice as they enter your home is its smell. Do your best to neutralize stubborn odors by using one of our favorite house cleaning tips: baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and fabrics as well as hard surfaces like the stove before cleaning. Our Cleaning Pros in Alpharetta can also help you do away with residual odors using our exclusive MR Shield®disinfecting system.
  • Get help with the details. Are you short on time and overwhelmed by the thought of whole-home cleaning? Save yourself the stress of polishing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and dusting by hiring a service such as our high-caliber cleaning team in Alpharetta.

Call Maid Right of Roswell today at (770) 629-8387 to learn more about our house cleaning tips and how our cleaning services in Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding communities can help get your home buyer-ready.

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